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Pattaya Holiday: 16th June - 18th June 2010

by - June 25, 2010

no need to think further. just do it - bak kata nike. i had my tough time weeks back. things just went haywire and i said to myself, i needed to get away for awhile. but cant go diving coz its during the school holidays. joelis wanted to go out of malaysia - and of course take a flight. so, 2 options were given to joelis, either bandung or pattaya. joelis chose pattaya.  so i decided to book a flight to pattaya and stay at kaiser's friend's house :)

it was a good break. lepakking most of the time. joelis had a wonderful time swimming.. and our best moment was when we visited the wax museum. ... wished kaiser was with us.. :*


and i just love my new camera!!! wuuhhhuuuuuuuuuu... learning more and more everyday... ;)

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