Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cougars town

just started to watch this funny sitcom... already the 3rd time, i think. and the one that i watched last night really reminded me of my friend. the scene when courtney cox was shouting through her window to her friend who is also her neighbour about friends supporting each other. sometimes we feel that we need our friend to understand and support our decision. but i just cant think of a way to accept it when a friend started to lie to another friend. i think it affects every one in this world. once someone whom you trusted lied to you, it is difficult to believe whatever that he/she says after that. at my situation right now, i really want to support and understand my friend's situation but my friend do not seem wanting to fill me in. so i guess, i'd better not ask anymore of the personal issue. if you ask me whether i want to be happy for my friend, yes of course but i guess, i am still sore. i still wish we could still be like before and talk like before... but... i am... still... sore... 

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