Sunday, June 27, 2010

another new toy!

we've been looking around for cars... as shown in one of my postings below. and another car... but one day kaiser was telling me about this awesome bike. custom bike by the owner. and the sound of it... perghhh... we fell in love. so we both were contemplating between getting a new car or this one... but i guess after a few days thinking... decided to surprise kaiser! and below was his face when he saw the bike under the porch last saturday evening!

it goes something like this... i knew kaiser was out for dinner. lisa and i were waiting for the guy at shell station. we planned to get home before kaiser reach home :D :P then, he parked the bike there. i told him to wait for a while for kaiser to come home while i ran upstairs for a quick shower and solat maghrib. as when i stepped out of the bathroom.. kaiser was in front on the bathroom with his shocked face..

kaiser: are you crazy or what?
me: *smile* well... do you like it or not?
kaiser: uuhmmm yeahh.. but i forgot it already.. 
me: hmmm go downstairs and talk to the guy. i pray first. 

before that.. lisa was downstairs when kaiser entered the house.. 
kasier: what's that? is your mom crazy or what?
lisa: *showing off her grin*

hmmmm i guess... 'crazy or what' is his fav sentence.. :D :P and looks like i am gonna hang on to my loyal citra for a while...