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the baby who lived

very touching email i received this morning. and i am glad that i shared some of my words to my 2 younger sisters. whether of not they practice it, it is up to them.i have done my part as an elder sister and another human being with feelings.  be a person who forgives, as it will cleanse up your soul and by forgiving others, you'll be a better person and more calm. if you want to help others, be sincere without even saying that you are sincere. sincerity comes from deep in your heart and it is between you and Allah swt. if you know you cannot do it, just say 'no' and no one will get upset. it is better than doing it but complain about things. parents wont be with us forever - treat them with love and care. you will miss them when they are gone, and insyaAllah you will be a parent in future. 

another new toy!

we've been looking around for cars... as shown in one of my postings below. and another car... but one day kaiser was telling me about this awesome bike. custom bike by the owner. and the sound of it... perghhh... we fell in love. so we both were contemplating between getting a new car or this one... but i guess after a few days thinking... decided to surprise kaiser! and below was his face when he saw the bike under the porch last saturday evening!
it goes something like this... i knew kaiser was out for dinner. lisa and i were waiting for the guy at shell station. we planned to get home before kaiser reach home :D :P then, he parked the bike there. i told him to wait for a while for kaiser to come home while i ran upstairs for a quick shower and solat maghrib. as when i stepped out of the bathroom.. kaiser was in front on the bathroom with his shocked face..
kaiser: are you crazy or what? me: *smile* well... do you like it or not? kaiser: uuhmmm yeahh.. but i forgot it already..  me:…

Pattaya Holiday: 16th June - 18th June 2010

no need to think further. just do it - bak kata nike. i had my tough time weeks back. things just went haywire and i said to myself, i needed to get away for awhile. but cant go diving coz its during the school holidays. joelis wanted to go out of malaysia - and of course take a flight. so, 2 options were given to joelis, either bandung or pattaya. joelis chose pattaya.  so i decided to book a flight to pattaya and stay at kaiser's friend's house :)

it was a good break. lepakking most of the time. joelis had a wonderful time swimming.. and our best moment was when we visited the wax museum. ... wished kaiser was with us.. :*

and i just love my new camera!!! wuuhhhuuuuuuuuuu... learning more and more everyday... ;)

my first try

ha..!! chill... first try with the new toy :) i gotta snap lots of pics to get the hang of it.. i was talking to kaiser on the couch just now. i told him, the camera was too detail that i can see holes on my cheek!! and we both agree, "no good... no good" hehehe :D but i managed to do something to make the old zit holes not that clear.. ahaksss LOL :D anyway, here are pics of joelis during the concert at aswara.

cougars town

just started to watch this funny sitcom... already the 3rd time, i think. and the one that i watched last night really reminded me of my friend. the scene when courtney cox was shouting through her window to her friend who is also her neighbour about friends supporting each other. sometimes we feel that we need our friend to understand and support our decision. but i just cant think of a way to accept it when a friend started to lie to another friend. i think it affects every one in this world. once someone whom you trusted lied to you, it is difficult to believe whatever that he/she says after that. at my situation right now, i really want to support and understand my friend's situation but my friend do not seem wanting to fill me in. so i guess, i'd better not ask anymore of the personal issue. if you ask me whether i want to be happy for my friend, yes of course but i guess, i am still sore. i still wish we could still be like before and talk like before... but... i am... s…

taking a break

something that is going to be done unplanned. well, actually it has been in my head. i have always wanted to bring joelis out of kl when the time is right. and actually, i was pretty upset last week that i decided to take joelis away with me for a short break. and this trip is the story :P seriously broken english i am using here. sorry people. the head is as broken as the language. want to write everything - and so in a hurry coz i still have loads of things to settle before i go on a holiday. when the time comes, and Allah permits, everything will materialize so easily. have been postponing on renewing joelis' passport. alhamdulillah, it was settled within 3 hours or maybe less. bravo jabatan imigeresen!!! i went to the one in wangsa maju. :) and a week later i booked tickets for us :) 
looking forward for this trip. and will update pictures when we come back. and will be bringing my new toy with me!! of course!!! :) that's where we'll be :)

i'm like a bird :)

introducing my new toy... hmmm weird that it wasnt in my wish list but i got this first. well, i guess i was contemplating between my dive computer and this.. i'll be using this more than the DC... so better get this first.. using my DC budget ;P so alhamdulillah... originally wanted the 1000D... then change to 450D... but when i got there.. i got this instead. and i have always been a canon fan - after our last EOS 888 which is still loyal to me :) i guess i will keep that one for memories between me and D... hhahaha :D 
so the first time was last night, it wasnt that easy... the frustration shown on my face when i first got my hands on it. kaiser smiled synically... hahhaa :D as usual, he is against buying expensive stuff like this coz he doesnt understand passion. hmmm.. wait till i get to shoot his muscular body and post it up here... tadaaa... :D last night challenge was because i was indoor, and in a concert. i was working together with lisa's friend aida... she got most …

feeling no good

this new 2007 office thingy is driving me crazy.

me had a great day today during the office karaoke competition. it was tiring and damn cold but it was fun. i had my own rounds of karaoke-ing. i think the sound engineers' ears were melting... hehehe :D angelina and i just enjoyed ourselves...

darn... my lappy batt is almost flat... cont later... coz i am also sleepy and feel sick :( :( nite2 everyone..


my sister's newborn... 3.2kg born at 3.30pm at gleneagles, jalan ampang. picture taken 9.30pm on 7th June 2010.... she's so chubby like mommy and fair skin like daddy.... alhamdulillah... welcome to the world... congrats mug dude & renn!

sorry about the pic quality, taken with phone camera laa... :P

gimme a break!!

i am feeling blank and numb. this is the time, when i want to get away so far far away... in my new car... har har har... dreaaaminngggggg....

arti frustration

meaning to write on my blog few days back already but was not really in the mood. or perhaps, my mind was more at work and the event i am preparing right now. somehow other part of my brain is going elsewhere... started with a sad and shocking dream that i had. and somehow, it leads to something real that happened. damn i hate this feeling. can't remember the last time i felt this way. and somewhere... you start to think, you thought you can trust your family members because they are family... but it is really frustrating to know that they are just like some of people you know out there with hasat dengki.. etc... 
i want to write more but i dont have the mood. i wanna go home... i need a day off.. :(