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it's okay to fall in love

by - May 13, 2010

me guilty of writing my blog during this time. i am at the peak of my office work. i love the busyness. but i still need to look out and make sure it is balance between, work and joelis. i am not worried about kaiser as when i am at work, we will still be doing the same thing together :) so, insyaallah he is okay. i had a non-stop day yesterday from morning in the office, rush home to get joey, send him home and make sure dinner is there for joelis, glad to see the maid is still there and i rush back to xango office for a talk. it was a fruitful event and looking at all the smiling and excitement going on, put up our spirit more. errrmm... this is not what i intend to write about actually. 

i am juggling my days to be a good mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend to my friends and joelis. and in between, i might have missed a few responsibilities, hurt some people, and mis-look (err... is there such word?) certain issue. so if any of the above gets to you, i am sorry but i meant well. 

anyway, i just read my lisa's blog :) hehehe :D and i am grinning as i am writing this. coz it was sweet :P ahaksss... when we were at that age, we tend to just do it.. or main redah coz we dont believe what our parents say. and i guess, my lil lisa is facing it right now. what i am trying to say is, it is okay to fall in love.. although at that age, it was not really falling in love.. though the description may sound/look the same as falling in love - but at that age, you are just about to get to know this new feeling... the butterflies in tummy by looking at someone.. smiling for no reason... making you happy.. yadayadayada... it is a natural feeling.. the elder people will advise that 'not to fall in love at a younger age' ... but my advise would be different... i think it is okay to fall in love at a very young age as long as you are aware of the consequences. you need to know your priority. be prepared to take care of your own heart as they are fragile :) at this age, it is like a test... there will be more people out there that you will meet... and again... treat others as how you want to be treated. if they break your heart, forgive them and move on... (although at times, i can be revengeful.. :P) dont follow me... hehehe :D kaiser's advise was cooler... and he has a point. he was young before.. he always advise lisa to be careful when guys start to get close... coz a guy is a guy... :/ and the advice that i give joey, be nice to girls and dont break their heart :)

the recovery period is not easy... depends on how strong you are, it may take some time. you are stronger when you get up and start to move on. take 1 step at a time but not too long. you dont wanna drag this and spoil your cheerfulness. your happiness is more important than thinking of a jerk :) hehehe :D he is just not worth it... so, gurl... chill... be happy.. :)

i need to get back to work now :)

have you heard of, "if you have nobody, nobody can hurt you"

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