Wednesday, May 12, 2010

guilt leads to isolation

people do that when they have done something wrong. be it to her/himself or to someone else. you'll tend to avoid to face people... your friends.. your family... because you will always be reminded that you know that what you are doing is wrong. no matter how hard you wanna believe that you have reasons behind your actions, the fact stays, that it is still wrong. the easiest example was from my own experience. no, i dont want to go back to my past, but it does linger around at times. and i think it is also good to put it up in my blog as a reminder - to myself and the rest of audience who reads this blog. 

i dont buy excuses that when feeling comes, there is nothing you can do about it. it is all BULLSHIT! you are in control of all your actions. it is nothing to do with qada' and qadar. they are all excuses made by lame moslems who likes using the religion as an excuse. and who gets the bad name? islam of course!

i believe that when you do bad things to people, someday you will get the punishment. it may not be seen from mata kasar, but it will slowly eat you inside. i am not a saint, i have my black history as well which i am still being haunt by it. but i have repent and insyaallah, i am good now and always :)

for you people out there, stop lying to yourself by saying it to yourself that you are not disturbing  other people's marriage. the fact stays as, if you have feelings with someone's spouse - clearly they are still married during that time. you think you'd feel much better because when he plans to marry you he is divorced..?? yeahh no doubt, but the fact also stays that your relationship started when he/she is still married. you are the cause of the divorce. so, think about it... dosa meruntuhkan masjid! 

gosh... ein is so pissed with this issue nowadays! my rule of thumb is easy, 'dont do things to others if you dont want other people to do the same to you'.

  • dont take other people's partner if you want peacefulness with your partner
  • dont flirt with other guys/girls if you dont want your partner to do the same
  • dont break the trust if you want your partner to trust you
and i also believe, if you are so into a married person,and IF that person got a divorce, give yourself at least 1 year to be away from each other - after that if you guys meet up again, then you will know if your feelings are true to each other. otherwise, you are the reason.