Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Walk-A-Hunt & Karaoke Competition for Charity!

Walk-A-Hunt - 10th JULY 2010
Closing date: 10th JUNE 2010

First come first served basis! Entry fee: RM200/team only
FREE tshirts for participants & breakfast provided.

Closing date for registration: 4th JUNE 2010

only RM10 per entry!

come and sing your heart out for a good cause!! :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


senyum dalam tangis.. sound so jiwang but that is how it is... i am relieved... you know that kind of puas. but lots of things going on around. i am jealous with my husband's busyness in XanGo... i wanna be a part of it too. but my hands are full. arrghhh... anyway... i am still smiling :) 

ally, this is for you...

Friday, May 14, 2010

relak jap

nak tukar background blog & website tapi tak de mood. bila tak de mood, terus blank. nak masukkan design pun terus blur. ehh kenapa aku cakap melayu ni? jarang aku tulis blog cakap melayu unless aku nak maki2 orang... heh heh :D astaghfirullahalazim... sambil taip2 ni sambil belek2 kuku.. masyaallah.. panjang dan kotor... sebab lepas makan nasi kukus... jadi ada color kunyit sket... heh heh :D nampak dek kaiser... parah.. :P anyway... tadi aku pikir dah nak tulih benda lain. tapi tetiba hancus... kalau ikut kata rosli, jadik piap! LOL :D itu bahasa kedah yang aku baru first time dengar semalam masa lunch dgn gang2 opis. tergelak besar aku... 

kadang2 kita pikir pasal orang lain, orang lain bukan pikir pun pasal kita. jadik, baik abaikan. bukan tak ingat langsung, cuma kadang2 kita dok bagi extra time untuk depa tapi pada depa, hampeh. tak pe lah. life kan memang macam tu. nak kata sedih tak jugak, agaknya the best thing to describe, ahh lantak lah. kalau nak habaq mai... habaq. aku bukan busybody macam adik aku.. hahah LOL semua hal orang dia kalau boleh nak tau / nak tolong (kununnya) pastu bp dia naik... kekkeke :D niat baik tapi kadang2 tu terover... har har har :D itu la kesah adik aku... tapi aku bukan nak citer kesah adik aku. just nak bebel sendiri jer... kasi puas hati. nak termuntah pun ada nie.

pagi tadi aku bangun extra awal sket. kemas dapur sket... cuci kain baju seround. ada sikit aku pass kat maid suruh basuh dengan tangan... ni kain2 yang delicate la kan... aku nak cuci sendiri dgn tangan? errr... salah orang ye.. hehehe :D walaupun adik aku start nak perli, aku peduli apa... bukan aku suruh dia basuh... isk isk... jadik pasal citer adik aku pulak... tukar laah!

ok aku nak start buat kerja balik... nanti muntah aku panik kat sini.. :P semalam aku dah balik 830pm... hari ni tak tau lah lagi... :(

Thursday, May 13, 2010

it's okay to fall in love

me guilty of writing my blog during this time. i am at the peak of my office work. i love the busyness. but i still need to look out and make sure it is balance between, work and joelis. i am not worried about kaiser as when i am at work, we will still be doing the same thing together :) so, insyaallah he is okay. i had a non-stop day yesterday from morning in the office, rush home to get joey, send him home and make sure dinner is there for joelis, glad to see the maid is still there and i rush back to xango office for a talk. it was a fruitful event and looking at all the smiling and excitement going on, put up our spirit more. errrmm... this is not what i intend to write about actually. 

i am juggling my days to be a good mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend to my friends and joelis. and in between, i might have missed a few responsibilities, hurt some people, and mis-look (err... is there such word?) certain issue. so if any of the above gets to you, i am sorry but i meant well. 

anyway, i just read my lisa's blog :) hehehe :D and i am grinning as i am writing this. coz it was sweet :P ahaksss... when we were at that age, we tend to just do it.. or main redah coz we dont believe what our parents say. and i guess, my lil lisa is facing it right now. what i am trying to say is, it is okay to fall in love.. although at that age, it was not really falling in love.. though the description may sound/look the same as falling in love - but at that age, you are just about to get to know this new feeling... the butterflies in tummy by looking at someone.. smiling for no reason... making you happy.. yadayadayada... it is a natural feeling.. the elder people will advise that 'not to fall in love at a younger age' ... but my advise would be different... i think it is okay to fall in love at a very young age as long as you are aware of the consequences. you need to know your priority. be prepared to take care of your own heart as they are fragile :) at this age, it is like a test... there will be more people out there that you will meet... and again... treat others as how you want to be treated. if they break your heart, forgive them and move on... (although at times, i can be revengeful.. :P) dont follow me... hehehe :D kaiser's advise was cooler... and he has a point. he was young before.. he always advise lisa to be careful when guys start to get close... coz a guy is a guy... :/ and the advice that i give joey, be nice to girls and dont break their heart :)

the recovery period is not easy... depends on how strong you are, it may take some time. you are stronger when you get up and start to move on. take 1 step at a time but not too long. you dont wanna drag this and spoil your cheerfulness. your happiness is more important than thinking of a jerk :) hehehe :D he is just not worth it... so, gurl... chill... be happy.. :)

i need to get back to work now :)

have you heard of, "if you have nobody, nobody can hurt you"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

guilt leads to isolation

people do that when they have done something wrong. be it to her/himself or to someone else. you'll tend to avoid to face people... your friends.. your family... because you will always be reminded that you know that what you are doing is wrong. no matter how hard you wanna believe that you have reasons behind your actions, the fact stays, that it is still wrong. the easiest example was from my own experience. no, i dont want to go back to my past, but it does linger around at times. and i think it is also good to put it up in my blog as a reminder - to myself and the rest of audience who reads this blog. 

i dont buy excuses that when feeling comes, there is nothing you can do about it. it is all BULLSHIT! you are in control of all your actions. it is nothing to do with qada' and qadar. they are all excuses made by lame moslems who likes using the religion as an excuse. and who gets the bad name? islam of course!

i believe that when you do bad things to people, someday you will get the punishment. it may not be seen from mata kasar, but it will slowly eat you inside. i am not a saint, i have my black history as well which i am still being haunt by it. but i have repent and insyaallah, i am good now and always :)

for you people out there, stop lying to yourself by saying it to yourself that you are not disturbing  other people's marriage. the fact stays as, if you have feelings with someone's spouse - clearly they are still married during that time. you think you'd feel much better because when he plans to marry you he is divorced..?? yeahh no doubt, but the fact also stays that your relationship started when he/she is still married. you are the cause of the divorce. so, think about it... dosa meruntuhkan masjid! 

gosh... ein is so pissed with this issue nowadays! my rule of thumb is easy, 'dont do things to others if you dont want other people to do the same to you'.

  • dont take other people's partner if you want peacefulness with your partner
  • dont flirt with other guys/girls if you dont want your partner to do the same
  • dont break the trust if you want your partner to trust you
and i also believe, if you are so into a married person,and IF that person got a divorce, give yourself at least 1 year to be away from each other - after that if you guys meet up again, then you will know if your feelings are true to each other. otherwise, you are the reason.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Redang Kalong 6th May - 8th May 2010

the dive trip that i have been waiting for. it has been postponed a few times... at last... it materialized! our journey started at 10.30pm. 1 hour delay from the original plan. 3 cars convoyed to kuala merang. amazing, it took us only 5 hours from gombak to kt.... can you imagine that?? :P i was in the car with SA and Sam. tried to sleep but cant really sleep... biasa lah.. long journey.. reached kuala merang just after subuh azan. we stopped at the mosque for prayer, and slept for a while. had breakfast near the jetty. i really enjoyed this trip. it was different. there were 12 of us... i get to know new people :) and .. jeng jeng jeng... i get to use nikon d60 the whole trip. hehehe :D jakun :P breakfast was like ice breaking session. though some of us still shy shy cat :)
our boat scheduled at 10am.. i think.. cant really remember lah. and since breakfast, i was the assigned paparazi :) best giler.. the few pictures, i was still struggling with the camera.. and i became better along the way :) i am not a pro, so dont expect pro pics la kan... i just snap :P ahaksss... but then again... just enjoy lah. 

6th may 2010: 1st dive was at 11.30am. as usual, it was tough for the 1st dive.. my left ear hurts so bad.. ouch.. :'(  didnt enjoy it.. maybe i was still tired from the journey. next dive was supposed to be at 300pm... LS and i, dived... in bed! hahahah :D we were too tired. our night dive was changed to the next day.

7th may 2010: 1st dive was at 8.30am... just took a piece of nugget for breakfast. saved maggi goreng and tomyam for after dive. i dont really wanna eat that much, and i dont want to dive with empty stomach - so that explains the 1 piece of nugget :P the dive was okay... was starving when we got out.... i rushed for my maggi and tomyam soup. shared with sam and LS. 

next dive at 11.30am.. enjoyed the dive... but my buddy vomited on the boat after the dive.. alamak!!  kesian dia... he doesnt look that well after that.. :( could be because he dived with empty stomach and stuffed himself with the food... angin la kut.. and with the pressure and all... there goes... :O

lepak for a while.. had lunch and got ready for our 3.00pm dive. then.... night dive.. at 7.00pm. was i afraid? yes.. :P... was i nervous? you bet!! but after the 3rd dive for the day.. i was excited for the night dive. and guess what?? i really had fun!!! enjoyed it very much - and i wasnt scarred :) it wasnt like the first night dive that i did last year. baby sharks!!! more than 5 of them were swimming by the beach. didnt take their pictures because i was getting ready for night dive.

this trip, we dived min 50 mins up to 60 mins..!! not bad huh.. ;) we are getting better! that night, SA, LS, Sam, AZ and i lepak at the jetty... there were loads of stars.... beautiful!! amazing!!

my review on redang kalong, i would give them 4 star. room was clean and nice. food was okay for me, not excellent (for me) but acceptable. the kitchen crew were sweet and wonderful. the rest of the resort crew were very friendly :) beach was nice and clean.. thumbs up for sharon, ab, michael (for helping me) & the rest :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

life is wonderful - alhamdulillah

everything went well during the weekend :) before that... 'happy mommies day' mama.... :) i received a nice huge flower from my joey made of zoob. i will upload soon :) and got a kiss this morning from joelis :) had a great time in redang, though my left ear still hurts right now. i think i need to go and check tomorrow morning. last night slept at my parents' house - kaiser was not around, in penang on business trip. when i got back in kl it was already almost 1030pm... joey was the only one still up. so, took a shower and polokk la joey :) lisa was asleep beside him.

the diving trip this time, i did a lot of shopping. macam lepas geram jer.. bought some, ikan kering, keropok biasa and lekor for the family (covers parents and sisters) and sata... bought some tshirts for joelis and kaiser. best2 tshirt... and murah gak. :) so sambar je lar...

today was lepas geram session (while kaiser is away... sshhhhh) bukan apa... bantai tido!!! hahhaha :D woke up early coz joey had a football match. since i slept at my parents', we need to go back to BA to get his shoes etc... and ohh... i promise SA... coleman! so, there goes a few hours in the morning. as i was driving back, my maid smsed and asked if she can come earlier.. aahh better :) 10 minutes after i am home, my maid arrived...  tried to sleep... got about 45 minutes... then sent joelis for music class. while waiting, i went to parents' house to collect some of joelis' stuff.. bags... clothes... books... after 4 days there.

drove home, had lunch at 3pm. was supposed to do groceries shopping. but ended sleeping on the sofa for 2 hours!! lama gilerrrr.... mmg release betul... by the time i got up, too late to do groceries shopping coz we want to take my parents out for dinner..

by 800pm, as promised, we arrived at my parents' place and proceed to a muslim chinese restaurant. malangnya everyone was not really hungry because we had lunch at 3pm.. :( except joey... best tengok dia enjoying his nasi ayam mushroom. the rest of us, had sharksfin soup.

and now... me, waiting for my darling kaiser to arrive from penang... :) joelis already in bed... my turn next... btw if you are waiting for my redang trip pics.... tungguuuu....

ein signing off at 142am - 10th may 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

We won again!

our netball team is the champion again this year! it was a great game... although the other team was 'gila kasar' but hey... you dont need to be rough to win a game! you just need to be good at it *wink*

hahhaha :D me so happy!!!

updated on May 4, 2010: just to share a few pics that i took from our office blog :) hehehe :D lisa joined the ladies futsal team :) and a pic of us when lisa received her cheque from Tan Sri Halim Ali, Chairman of MCB.


tore in between

let us start with the not so nice news first. one after another... it doesn't really hit me so much but it did make me some sort of, 'pause' for a while, and think... wonder... what should i do? *sigh* it started when last friday, lisa showed me a letter from her former school. she is receiving an award for excellent student and it will be given away by dato' zulhasnan. what makes me stunned was when i got to know the date... :( i will not be around as i will be away for my diving trip. it was not an easy decision for me to make. i have always be there for any of my kids' event. i never want to a miss a thing... children grow up very fast - and i want to be there for them. i want to celebrate with them. at the same time, this trip has been postponed a few times. my goal is to go for a diving trip at least once a year. and i know i will be extremely busy after this. looking at lisa's face expression breaks my heart... i wish i can tell you how i really feel, but it is unexplainable. i had to ask lisa to decide/choose whom she wants to accompany  her for the event. do you think it is easy for me? do you know how close i am to lisa? but i guess, sometimes, in life you need to make tough decisions... and i am a person who holds to my word.

David Tyson Gentry: True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.

although i am sad (it seems it is the only word that i can think of - but deep down inside, i am feeling more than that) i believe being in silent is the best way at the moment.