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there goes another weekend

by - April 05, 2010

wowwiie... how time flies lah... this was supposed to be blogged last week.. or 2 weeks ago, when we bought the bicycle. but, i felt the usual, too much things to write...but the mood is just not there. i am now in the middle of settling my event at the office, but taking a break for a while... berapa kali break daaa... :P

it has been a weekly thingy that i go cycling with kaiser now. i wanna have a nice butt... hahaha :D and my legs now are aching like crazy... why?? not enough water... and the leg training last saturday. last weekend was busy.. as usual lah... luckily (in a way) joelis went for their orchestra clinic. so, i don't have to think of their meals.. all covered in school. while they were there, i'd be busy being in the gym, and XanGo office, attending meetings and workshop. business is doing well, catching up pretty fast... and i can feel it in kaiser's smile.. when he signed up someone from Slovakia?? cool huh.... yess!!!! bring it on!!! anyway, yesterday my cycling was getting much much better... and when i said it was much better means, i do feel it was easier to cycle.. hmmm :) i kinda enjoyed it. starting... :P and during the cycling we went house viewing as well - our favorite thing together, other than.... :P hahahaha LOL... here are pic during our 1st time cycle... up and down the hill... in the end, kaiser pulled my bicycle for me... hehhe :D

we saw this beautiful place where you can have garden wedding or party.

kaiser... when we first arrived at the nice place - near BA

my darling kaiser pushing my bicycle... hehehe :D aiyahhh too tired that i can't feel my legs!! seriously... :(

joey's turn to cycle with me :) my manja busyukk... and a pic of my chomotss face... i was wet & sweaty okay!! :P

and the next photo is a teaser for my next post... :) stay tuned 

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