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club med cherating

by - April 16, 2010

A place that I wanted to go for a long time… although this could be the 2nd time, I was still so looking forward to it. when I was here for the 1st time, did not enjoy myself at all!! Was very ill and stayed in the room most of the time. Couldn’t eat and enjoy the food. But hey…. We are here now… with our brand new family J a great way to celebrate our 1st year anniversary as a familywe were there/here from 16th apr 2010 - 18th apr 2010.

16th april 2010: Arrived in cherating at 12 noon. We were hungry, stopped by at a restaurant for lunch. As guessed we were charged a matsalleh rate for lunch… RM30 for 4 people.. hmmm nasi goreng and drinks - and i thought it is cheaper in kuantan compared to kl..?. anyway, drove into club med area…ohh just before that, we stopped by at a small shop to buy joey's short for swimming. he forgot to bring his swimming trunk... duhhh... of all things :P... next... it was still too early coz we were told that checking in is at 230pm. we were there at 1pm… as we reached the entrance, we were greeted by the G.Os….as usual… verrrry cheerful J. kaiser who underestimated club med had his surprise. :P hehehe :D to see the beautiful scenery of club med, cherating… excited about the beach… clean… beautiful, sunny… J we were lucky that we get to check in earlier than usual… because we had kids with us ;) tadaaa…. So, the first area we went to after getting into our room, was the beach! J the wave was so strong… took some pictures.. huwaa… it was hot! We went around… did the first shopping… err.. not for me.. :P my friend ordered a tshirt. We checked out a few place… gym.. kids place, pool area…. Junior club.. and… after briefing later we had tea… the greeaaattt thing about club med, we were so pampered with food :P it’s like we can eat anytime, all inclusive! And my guess, kaiser would love it so much!! Hahaha :D and 90% of the guests here are foreigners – and the best part for me… we can do whatever we want J
7.00pm: Dinner was just great… I had lots of salmon and prawn… Japanese food. Joelis had pasta… pizza… eat all you can J and after that we went to the pool. They already prepared mattresses so that everyone could just bunk in!! the blue moon show was fabulous!! The circus show… trapeze and all, in the pool!! and saw this one woman, she really has a great body man!!! i will post up her photos soon ;)

it's party time... joey and i had fun dancing with the rest of the guests... and the GOs... they are very fun people... cheerful and friendly... although to lisa, some may look they do not have genuine smile.. but hey... at least they tried! :) effort counts! we danced till late.

picture?? coming soon... heheheh :D [uploaded on 19th april 2010]

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