Thursday, April 29, 2010

wish me luck

am gonna miss kaiser - that's for sure... this week is gonna be our sports carnival. i am still thinking positive for the netball match. i am having swollen pinkie on my right hand and left hand thumb. not good at all. tried to play for the last training yesterday - it hurts.. :( so last night had a massage with my dad...perhaps i should get some painkillers or something... we wanna be a champion this year!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i am so frikin busy at the moment but i needed to write this down ... if i describe how i feel right now... my heart sank, heavy and felt like there is one huge rock resting on my chest. my hands are cold. felt sad... really sad but at the same time, my mind is at work... that helped quite a bit. 

perhaps, sometimes, you just dont know who your friends are anymore. is it because i am too busy at work or with my business or with my family? i'd rather be alone at times. off track again!!!  this is not what i wanted to write about. sometimes it is really sad when a person whom you treated as close friend just dont share their happy moments with you. i dont know, perhaps, i treat that person as one (special) but i am not (special/close) to that person. i would just put it aside if this friend whom i talk about if the things that i talk abt with are only about the birds that fly today - or the weather was not nice yesterday... but this is a friend whom i talk about during my deepest down-est moment in my life... and we share about a lot of other things that means a lot to me... but suddenly... it is all a secret... *sigh* 

the fact that the friend did not admit - hurts me most.... and by denying turned into a lie... would friends lie to one another??? 

and my chest is still heavy.... :(

Thursday, April 22, 2010

sorry mommy

me feeling bad right now... was on panic attack in the morning when i received an sms from a friend. loan that has been long due... feel bad but the lawyer is keeping our money.. and had been delaying the process. hence, could not settle the earlier loan... darn... well anyway, during the panic attack i was sort of err... trembled and a bit pushy :P :'(... and now i am feeling bad... sorry mommy... i love you very much and appreciate your help... sob sob....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the celebration

our 1st year anniversary celebration was delayed to a few days.. kaiser had a meeting that night. i took the day off, simply because i want a day off. does it make sense? :P anyway.. thought wanted to have lunch but since kununnya i wanted to surprise my hubby, i was the one who got surprised coz kaiser had meetings one after another... ended, i had a massage, facial and hairdo :)

kaiser gave me a gift the night before... and me?? have not bought anything for him... why? i cannot decide what to get him because, he is so f u s s y... :P hahha... ended i decided to get him a handphone to replace his china phone :P finally! he didn't like it at first... too complicated, kata nya... aparaaa... last2 when he saw my muncung face... i think he felt guilty.. hmmph.. padan muka :P

15th april 2010: 3 days later, i decided to have another try... hahhaa :D LOL... planned to take the whole family for dinner :) since kaiser and kids like japanese food... i took them to melting pot, concorde for dinner.. so that i can have my live band... hahha :D isnt that smart? ;) invited SJ and J as well to join us :) we had a great time.. good food and nice music ;) aahhh SJ got us nice gifts from Bali... loved it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

club med cherating

A place that I wanted to go for a long time… although this could be the 2nd time, I was still so looking forward to it. when I was here for the 1st time, did not enjoy myself at all!! Was very ill and stayed in the room most of the time. Couldn’t eat and enjoy the food. But hey…. We are here now… with our brand new family J a great way to celebrate our 1st year anniversary as a familywe were there/here from 16th apr 2010 - 18th apr 2010.

16th april 2010: Arrived in cherating at 12 noon. We were hungry, stopped by at a restaurant for lunch. As guessed we were charged a matsalleh rate for lunch… RM30 for 4 people.. hmmm nasi goreng and drinks - and i thought it is cheaper in kuantan compared to kl..?. anyway, drove into club med area…ohh just before that, we stopped by at a small shop to buy joey's short for swimming. he forgot to bring his swimming trunk... duhhh... of all things :P... next... it was still too early coz we were told that checking in is at 230pm. we were there at 1pm… as we reached the entrance, we were greeted by the G.Os….as usual… verrrry cheerful J. kaiser who underestimated club med had his surprise. :P hehehe :D to see the beautiful scenery of club med, cherating… excited about the beach… clean… beautiful, sunny… J we were lucky that we get to check in earlier than usual… because we had kids with us ;) tadaaa…. So, the first area we went to after getting into our room, was the beach! J the wave was so strong… took some pictures.. huwaa… it was hot! We went around… did the first shopping… err.. not for me.. :P my friend ordered a tshirt. We checked out a few place… gym.. kids place, pool area…. Junior club.. and… after briefing later we had tea… the greeaaattt thing about club med, we were so pampered with food :P it’s like we can eat anytime, all inclusive! And my guess, kaiser would love it so much!! Hahaha :D and 90% of the guests here are foreigners – and the best part for me… we can do whatever we want J
7.00pm: Dinner was just great… I had lots of salmon and prawn… Japanese food. Joelis had pasta… pizza… eat all you can J and after that we went to the pool. They already prepared mattresses so that everyone could just bunk in!! the blue moon show was fabulous!! The circus show… trapeze and all, in the pool!! and saw this one woman, she really has a great body man!!! i will post up her photos soon ;)

it's party time... joey and i had fun dancing with the rest of the guests... and the GOs... they are very fun people... cheerful and friendly... although to lisa, some may look they do not have genuine smile.. but hey... at least they tried! :) effort counts! we danced till late.

picture?? coming soon... heheheh :D [uploaded on 19th april 2010]

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

happy anniversary hunny!

12th April 2010
our 1st anniversary as a family, kaiser and i as husband and wife. :) we have gone through a lot together and we have made it this far. insyaAllah, future is bright. love, trust, understand, communication and support each other. basics in any relationship. may Allah guide us through our life, insyaAllah.

ps: and owhh.. i told myself that today i will get most of the job done. :P

read more on our celebration. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

think mr brainee!!

sometimes we are forced to make a difficult decision. sometimes, in order to save one, we need to sacrifice a few.. or.. is it vice versa?

i have a smart team leader who is creative in his business. he is a good leader. insyaAllah, things will rock soon. have faith! work hard... put more effort. that is what i am gonna do too!

have you asked yourself if you have done enough? my answer is a big NO - NO... would i want me to be back if i am my employer, i would say a NO, but i will give myself another chance to prove myself.

if i wanna be a success i need to put my vision on paper! i need to see it everyday. set your goal... your plan to achieve your goal.

how much money do i wanna earn? state it clearly... God will give if you ask and work towards it. you do not realize the power of prayer. if you know, you would have prayed non-stop!

arrogance bring you to no-where. we are in this world temporary. everything than we own now is on loan. so, always remember Him who created us - for a reason. be someone who does justice to the world, self and community.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


rushed home today to send joey for his haircut. Photocopy his homework and get his book for pbsm.

Monday, April 5, 2010

there goes another weekend

wowwiie... how time flies lah... this was supposed to be blogged last week.. or 2 weeks ago, when we bought the bicycle. but, i felt the usual, too much things to write...but the mood is just not there. i am now in the middle of settling my event at the office, but taking a break for a while... berapa kali break daaa... :P

it has been a weekly thingy that i go cycling with kaiser now. i wanna have a nice butt... hahaha :D and my legs now are aching like crazy... why?? not enough water... and the leg training last saturday. last weekend was busy.. as usual lah... luckily (in a way) joelis went for their orchestra clinic. so, i don't have to think of their meals.. all covered in school. while they were there, i'd be busy being in the gym, and XanGo office, attending meetings and workshop. business is doing well, catching up pretty fast... and i can feel it in kaiser's smile.. when he signed up someone from Slovakia?? cool huh.... yess!!!! bring it on!!! anyway, yesterday my cycling was getting much much better... and when i said it was much better means, i do feel it was easier to cycle.. hmmm :) i kinda enjoyed it. starting... :P and during the cycling we went house viewing as well - our favorite thing together, other than.... :P hahahaha LOL... here are pic during our 1st time cycle... up and down the hill... in the end, kaiser pulled my bicycle for me... hehhe :D

we saw this beautiful place where you can have garden wedding or party.

kaiser... when we first arrived at the nice place - near BA

my darling kaiser pushing my bicycle... hehehe :D aiyahhh too tired that i can't feel my legs!! seriously... :(

joey's turn to cycle with me :) my manja busyukk... and a pic of my chomotss face... i was wet & sweaty okay!! :P

and the next photo is a teaser for my next post... :) stay tuned 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

proud of myself

hehehe :D why? cause i woke up earlier than usual. when kaiser woke up to send lisa to school, i got up too. woke joey up for subuh prayer. then i went downstairs to put some dirty laundry in the washing machine. collected some ironed clothes upstairs, put in joelis' room and ours. the duties are... the maid will do the folding and ironing, and all of us at home should sort our own clothes. :) somehow, i felt quite guilty when kaiser has been doing lots of the laundry job at home. so, this morning i decided to clear the clothes before he comes back from sending lisa :) while i am upstairs after sorting out the clothes, my turn to perform the subuh prayer... then, went downstairs again to get more clothes... hmmmm seemed to have lots of clothes huh?? :P you are darn right :) washing machine stopped, i started to hang the clothes when kaiser came home. he was surprised to see me hanging the clothes early in the morning.. he he he... "are you okay?" he asked... i just smiled at him and nodded. "are you sick or what? why are you up so early" heheheh :D i feel good about myself :)

but now i am sleepy... how laa... :P LOL.. 3.10pm and at the office.. :P

pencawang elektrik

before i forget, i better post it here for joey. he asked sometime ago, what is the round, ball like thingy on the pencawang elektrik... so, i asked one of the engineer at my office. he said, they are sort of caution thingy for planes... and at night, pilot can see them. so, tak de la berlanggar dengan pencawang elektrik tu :) i just took this pic somewhere from the internet just to show what joey asked....

see the ball-like thingy hanging there? :)