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tiring but fulfilling weekend

by - March 21, 2010

my joelis are back!! that was the wonderful part :) after 3 days being away... they were in PD with my parents. we had a nice dinner at the patio at my parents' house on friday night celebrating my mom's birthday. hmmm alamak... time now is 1150pm... my eyes are getting heavier... but i wanna update my blog. :P i just finished updating my biz blog... uploaded a few pics about the skin care launch! it was greattt... the nicest part... i must admit, ... err.. meeting bryan davis again! :) he is such a wonderful man! well, i was not sure if he actually remembers my face or he was being nice... but hey... Kaiser and I got a personal invitation to Utah, having a nice dinner just with Bryan and his wife at a nice place!!! walauweeehhhh... hmmm gotta work harder now huh...

and today had a wedding in kg. really hot there... and when i got home, terrible migraine attacked me.. ohh... that's reminds me... wait.. gotta drink my xango! hang on...

err... oowhh.. can we continue some other time? i wanna sleep lah :P

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