Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mixed feelings

this is not the only time that i feel this way... or the only time... i think i get this feeling when i get to be busy... or i felt like i don't spend enough time with my joelis. to be honest... my lisa is in her transition to being a teenager... *roll of eyes* :P she'll be in her room most of the time... either reading her book, on the phone or playing her guitar, which is good, but just that i miss her as my lil girl... my joey... still remain as manja as before... i wonder if he is trying his best to reduce his manja-ness :) heh heh :D which i think he should. but it's ok lah.. :P er.. no?? i know for sure kaiser do not agree with me on this part. :P

last saturday was the 'larian desa' day... where/when i felt like cutting me into half remember? :D anyway, i sent joey to school, then after breakfast, i decided to go to taman tasik titiwangsa and surprised him :) hehehe :D he looked so cute, doing the senamrobic with the rest of the students and teachers. i managed to snap a few pics and also the video.. stayed till he started to run and finished it. 3 km... okay lah... macam kesian je tgk dia lari :) and kelly (my niece) was there too. and since my eldest sister was there with her family, i decided to post joey to come back with them, while i drive to lisa's school for her event. by the time i got there, she just finished her 'walking' like 10 minutes before.. and she didn't want to come back, as usual... duhh... but hey... follow what i said... :P done at her school, like 20 minutes later, we got home. had brunch coz it was still quite early.. around 10.30am... or 11.00am.. i got home.. clear up a few stuff at home and headed to the office for a meeting. after the meeting... we felt so bored (kaiser and i) coz, i need to send my car for service... and tadaaa... we went to buy 2 bicycles! yay?? LOL... and the adventure begins....
can you find joey? :D hehehe