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mama loves you joelis :*

by - March 01, 2010

yesterday...11.55pm - moments before i fell sleep: tears running down my cheeks as i was about to go to sleep. suddenly i remembered what joey said in the car on the way back after soccer practice. that was when i felt like getting out of bed again and write my blog. but i didn't want to wake kaiser beside me. he is a very light sleeper. so... there i was, lying in bed... compiling what to write the next day. grabbed my handphone and updated my status on fb. i miss my joey...

things have been quite hectic. things as in.. new home, new routine, etc etc.... although when i shifted to the new blog, my idea of writing is to maintain it happy, i am also a normal human being. i get sad once a while. not that often, but i guess this time it was quite a blow. been looking around - my friends... what have i lost? i have not really being out with my friends. somehow, i don't jive anymore? some people say i am a late bloomer... and some say, i am at a different wave now. hmmpphh.. maybe...

10.36pm: kissed my joelis before i went down to join kaiser watching merlin on tv3. kaiser was already conquering the sofa :P merlin started 7 minutes already... did not miss that much.. but since it is the finale, we were really looking forward for it. darn this kaiser... took both cushions!! :O and as i was setting my butt, he gave me this naughty smile while inviting me to lie down beside him. :) it was nice... i dont know, somehow sometimes, i still feel a bit awkward... but getting cuddled while watching tv has always been my favorite moments :)

kaiser: come here you... you have been so far from me... *while making space beside him*
me: *taking the opportunity to squeeze in* heh heh :D hmmmm... 
love getting the muscular hugs :D LOL.... 

10.30am - while driving back from Dsara Heights. 
joey: ma, you cannot die first. i will die first.
me: huh?? *giggle* naper joey?
lisa: aiyyokkk... 
joey: *continue babbling* ye la... i will not let you die first. i dont want you to leave me. but i can leave you.
lisa: aiyyookkk joey nak tinggalkan mama...!!
me: *still driving.. while listening to every word joey was saying*
joey: i dont want to be alone ma... i dont want. so... just let me die first.. heh heh :D you cannot leave me... *while playing with his seat belt*
lisa: *keeping quiet at the back seat*
me: *looked at him with a smile*  i love you so much joey... :*
joey: i love you too ma...

all those did not sink in my head until late at night before i doze off..only then that i realize... that we will not be here forever.. :(

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