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if you had the chance...

by - March 17, 2010

lisa: ma, if you had the chance to undo things, what would you undo?
me: hmmm... i don't know gurl. there's nothing that i regret about.
lisa: yeah?
me: uurmm.. well, i guess if you asked me say, 5 years ago, i would say differently.
lisa: huh..? *smile*
me: yeah.. i could have said, i would undo my divorce.
lisa: yeah... me too ma.. but why did you say that.?
me: well, i didn't want the divorce, but then again, even so, at that time, i didn't want it, he'd divorce me anyway. *smile* but hey... but now, looking at your dad, i don't think i wanna undo.. hehehe :D
lisa: hehehe :D why?
me: he is too skinny... :P
lisa: but if you are not divorced, if he turned like that, what can you do..?
me: well, if i were still with him, i would guide him through and make sure that he lose weight but looked smart!!
lisa: hmmm... yeahh..
me: not looking like david the ABL..
lisa: oohh.. i did not watch that...
me: somehow, i have a strong feeling that he took drugs to win the competition.. hmmm
lisa: really?? how do you know?
me: my gut feelings.. hmmm

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