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guests for dinner

by - March 29, 2010

Ermmm... okay, now i can't help myself from browsing on the internet on what to cook for dinner. hmmm.. how now brown cow? do i cook? yes... but very.... seldom... simply because errr it is much easier to eat out.. kaiser has his own diet... joelis normally eat pretty the same thing everyday... and me?? depends... so, solution, we eat out... unless kaiser cooks his pasta... or i just do whatever i feel like cooking. last saturday, while doing groceries shopping, i just felt like making spaghetti bolognaise... alaaahh... how i spell that word aahh?? anyway, got some mushroom, sauce etc...etc... and kids loved it... kaiser? hehehe :D he said it was nice, but whether or not he was sincere... i don't know.. :P hahaha :D i mixed 2 types of sauce... one spicy and one non-spicy... as usual, i ate the spicy one lah... when kaiser tried the spicy one... hehehe :D you can guess his comment!

well anyway.... this is not what i wanted to say / write about.... we had a nice lepak session at skybar last friday. attending mr & mrs perlo's invitation for dinner. but since it was kinda last minute, we need to prepare our own dinner and joelis'. so, we joined them for a drink after dinner. the last time i was at skybar was like 2007, i think... went there with MB... hehehe :D the seats by the pool was eerie although nice view of KL.. :) mr & mrs perlo are moving to italy soon... had a good time, chatting and laughing.. :) kaiser invited them for dinner at our place this friday... that is what i wanna write about... :P ahakkss... what to cook on friday... normally, whatever i planned, i will cook some other things :P hahaha :D well anyway... it is gonna be malaysian food since they are gonna miss malaysian food after this. no pasta, coz mr perlo is from italy... :D so here's the plan... chili prawn (switch from crab - easier to eat), ginger chicken, stir fried vege... (can't think of the types yet) and steamed white rice... dessert.... hmmm can it be ice cream? :D do i have time to cook all these after work?? hmmm... we'll see... :D :D

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