Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BA community

after about 1 month staying at BA, today i finally have the mood (not really) but doing it anyway. write about the BA community, especially the car drivers. they drive recklessly, most of them... let's say 90%. some people are friendly... well, i get to know my neighbor on my right. on the left, so-called celebrity, have never seen her since i lived there. monkeys were naughty - had a few days them throwing and messing up our rubbish. and kaiser had to clean them up. 

what i like about the place... it has this cooling and calming effect :) i don't really know how to explain. but when i drive out of that area, other place seems so hot. :P mengada kan? :)

BA tips: if it rains so bad, i should remember to avoid going down the hillside way - so, must remember to use the other side near kg pasir. 

laundry is slightly cheaper now.. rm3/kg... hehehe :D and they don't differentiate bed sheets and normal clothes :) i loike.... 

in summary, i am right now at the office - and feeling terribly bored!