Wednesday, March 31, 2010

7 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up Early

i am not proud to say that i drag myself to wake up early every day. i will be up early for a while when lisa hugs me before she goes to school, and i will be back sleeping :( i need to do something about it... :/ so, i found this today, and i am sharing this with you ;) 
Wake up early. Image credit: Luka Skracic
1. Healthier Diet. Not feeling hungry on waking up and lack of time are the top reasons for skipping breakfast. Waking up early gives you time to eat breakfast and to prepare your food for your day — 2 keys to eating healthy.
  • Eat Breakfast. Eating breakfast helps building healthy eating habits by setting the trend. You’ll be less likely to eat junk food during the day if you eat a healthy breakfast on waking up.
  • Prepare Food for Day. Cooking your own food gives you total over the ingredients and thus over your results. It also gets rid of stress caused by you not finding something healthy to eat at work.
2. Less Missed Workouts. Training in the morning will prevent missed workouts as long as you wake up early. Unexpected things like long work days will never get in the way: you’ve trained already. More benefits:
  • More Energy. Your body temperature drops when you sleep. Exercising increases it which will make you feel more energized after your morning workout. (Although you might need a 30min nap after a hard session).
  • More Motivation. Although exercising after work reduces destress, you need more motivation to go to the gym. Especially if you had a rough day and feel tired. Morning workouts are easier.
By the way, if you exercise in the morning, wait 1h upon waking up before you load your back with exercises like Squats. Your spine hydrates at night which makes it more prone to injuries on waking up. Wait 1 hour and you’ll be safe.
3. More Productivity. Most successful people are early risers. Think of Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison. One reason is that you get more done if you wake up early. Not just in the morning, but the whole day. Here’s why:
  • Less Distractions. Most people aren’t awake. Nobody can disturb you with phone calls. There isn’t much you can do except work. It’s quiet.
  • More Efficiency. You’re less efficient and make more mistakes when you work long and later at night. Read the Power of Full Engagement.
  • More Energy. Because your eating habits & sleep quality improve, you have time to exercise in the morning and skip less workouts, …
4. Less Stress. How you lead your life the 1st hour after you wake up sets the trend. You’ll be amazed at how more positive your day will become by waking up early. Here’s some stress that you’ll avoid:
  • No more rushing to get ready for work because you’re late again.
  • No more arriving late at work, barely awake, because you didn’t had the time to shower or have breakfast.
  • No more stressing about what excuse you’ll come up with this time to explain to your boss why you’re late again.
5. Better Quality Sleep. Going to bed at the same time each day doesn’t work: sleep needs vary depending on your activity levels, diet, sunlight exposure, … That’s why you have to focus on wake up time, not bedtime.
By waking up early at the same time daily, you’ll stabilize your circadian rhythm. This will improve the quality of your sleep and make you feel more energized during the day as a result.
6. More Free Time. Start your workday earlier and you’ll end it earlier. But since your productivity & sleep improve by waking up early, you’ll also get more done in less time. Couple of examples:
  • Save Time. You’ll save time commuting by avoiding the rush hour. You’ll save time at the gym since it’s less crowded in the morning. You’ll sleep less hours on average by waking up consistently at the same time.
  • Shorter Workdays. You’ll do more work in the morning. Start early and by noon you’ll have a lot done. By 5PM your work day will be over.
7. Enjoy Sunrise. I tend to party late, and I always thought driving back home while the sun was rising was beautiful. Now that I wake up early I see sunrise daily. Check the picture at the top for an example.
So how do you build the habit of waking up early? In the next post you’ll get a definitive guide on how to wake up early based on how I became an early riser.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mixed feelings

this is not the only time that i feel this way... or the only time... i think i get this feeling when i get to be busy... or i felt like i don't spend enough time with my joelis. to be honest... my lisa is in her transition to being a teenager... *roll of eyes* :P she'll be in her room most of the time... either reading her book, on the phone or playing her guitar, which is good, but just that i miss her as my lil girl... my joey... still remain as manja as before... i wonder if he is trying his best to reduce his manja-ness :) heh heh :D which i think he should. but it's ok lah.. :P er.. no?? i know for sure kaiser do not agree with me on this part. :P

last saturday was the 'larian desa' day... where/when i felt like cutting me into half remember? :D anyway, i sent joey to school, then after breakfast, i decided to go to taman tasik titiwangsa and surprised him :) hehehe :D he looked so cute, doing the senamrobic with the rest of the students and teachers. i managed to snap a few pics and also the video.. stayed till he started to run and finished it. 3 km... okay lah... macam kesian je tgk dia lari :) and kelly (my niece) was there too. and since my eldest sister was there with her family, i decided to post joey to come back with them, while i drive to lisa's school for her event. by the time i got there, she just finished her 'walking' like 10 minutes before.. and she didn't want to come back, as usual... duhh... but hey... follow what i said... :P done at her school, like 20 minutes later, we got home. had brunch coz it was still quite early.. around 10.30am... or 11.00am.. i got home.. clear up a few stuff at home and headed to the office for a meeting. after the meeting... we felt so bored (kaiser and i) coz, i need to send my car for service... and tadaaa... we went to buy 2 bicycles! yay?? LOL... and the adventure begins....
can you find joey? :D hehehe 

Monday, March 29, 2010

guests for dinner

Ermmm... okay, now i can't help myself from browsing on the internet on what to cook for dinner. hmmm.. how now brown cow? do i cook? yes... but very.... seldom... simply because errr it is much easier to eat out.. kaiser has his own diet... joelis normally eat pretty the same thing everyday... and me?? depends... so, solution, we eat out... unless kaiser cooks his pasta... or i just do whatever i feel like cooking. last saturday, while doing groceries shopping, i just felt like making spaghetti bolognaise... alaaahh... how i spell that word aahh?? anyway, got some mushroom, sauce etc...etc... and kids loved it... kaiser? hehehe :D he said it was nice, but whether or not he was sincere... i don't know.. :P hahaha :D i mixed 2 types of sauce... one spicy and one non-spicy... as usual, i ate the spicy one lah... when kaiser tried the spicy one... hehehe :D you can guess his comment!

well anyway.... this is not what i wanted to say / write about.... we had a nice lepak session at skybar last friday. attending mr & mrs perlo's invitation for dinner. but since it was kinda last minute, we need to prepare our own dinner and joelis'. so, we joined them for a drink after dinner. the last time i was at skybar was like 2007, i think... went there with MB... hehehe :D the seats by the pool was eerie although nice view of KL.. :) mr & mrs perlo are moving to italy soon... had a good time, chatting and laughing.. :) kaiser invited them for dinner at our place this friday... that is what i wanna write about... :P ahakkss... what to cook on friday... normally, whatever i planned, i will cook some other things :P hahaha :D well anyway... it is gonna be malaysian food since they are gonna miss malaysian food after this. no pasta, coz mr perlo is from italy... :D so here's the plan... chili prawn (switch from crab - easier to eat), ginger chicken, stir fried vege... (can't think of the types yet) and steamed white rice... dessert.... hmmm can it be ice cream? :D do i have time to cook all these after work?? hmmm... we'll see... :D :D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

it's happy time

are there any other words, other than 'happy'? i am starting to feel 'best'... i am just out of words to describe how i feel right now. but i am satisfied. yep... i am... i had a great time last night... enjoyed the dance with kaiser although he likes to do the silly moves... hehehe :D i think we danced more than before... and like 3 songs in a row.. and i sweat... liking it :) nope... no one stepped on my foot this time ;)

i guess it all started a few days ago. i realized i felt good after discussing with my designer friend.. and that just started off my engine :) ideas came flowing in... done my memo in a few minutes... done my quotation comparison in half a day stating their scope of work etc... wowwiee... me, so proud of myself! yay! uhhmmm yeahhh had that 1 laser day - helped released some anger, i supposed. but anyway... my work is just working... fine :) anyway... i think should get another pair of dancing shoes.. :P

planss???? hmm what do i have ahead huh?? busy weekend again... joelis are having their larian desa thingy... and i am being cut into half. doinnkk... i knew about joey's event first and agreed to send him to school, now he wants me to watch him run... hmmm okay... kaiser and i were supposed to attend an agm for/at our neighborhood on that day... and next, lisa came to me with a letter, and she's having an event too on that day. alamakkk!! how now brown cow?? and they both want me to be there... :(   maydayyyyy... !!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

laser day

wowiiee... i had a errrmmm how do i visualize yesterday? errmm i had a good start actually with a meeting with a creative person... my designer :) printer for our next event. and somehow after chatting with him for a while, it just boosted my energy back again on the project. and i am on the track again... started to review in detail on the quotations on the desk... looking really deep... and start warming up my rusty engine :) and wallaaa.... i am cool :)
somehow, some brat had to be a wuelchhh... i just hate it when people don't bersyukur with what they have and not serious in doing their work. so, the person just got a piece of my mind (betul ke penggunaan ayat nihh? :P ) yesterday when i actually said, 'do you still work here or not? or you dont wanna work anymore?' zassss!!! and when that person came in, just could not look at my face. and start seriously doing work. 

and another one got hers at the netball court. yesterday was it man.... she'd just so i don't know why, but she like to pick on me... commenting about my arm lah... my waist lah... my stamina laa.. and being sarcastic about me going to the gym. like duuhhhh.... so, i just could not stand it, 'hey... what's ur problem with me going to the gym?? look at my body compared to yours lah!! that is why i look like this and you look like that!' gosshhh.... padan muka... just could not stand her lah.... do i like to say such words? no!

and when i got home, just had to tell kaiser about it... his comment was, my arm doesn't really look muscular coz i don't train enough... yeah and i admit that, and i have not been taking care of my food too... and that woman was just jealous that i still look much better! :) 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sometimes... feel so tired, that you feel like crying it out feel that it is too little to even think about, but it still bothers you understand how your friend's feel but you are selfish that you want your friend to be with you still are torn in between that you are stuck and don't know what else to do wish you can talk it out, but in actual fact you cannot is sad that you cannot express your actual loving feeling matter how down you are, you can still have time to listen to your friend's grief the sadness, you need to be strong for other people pulls you down when you think you can talk to someone but instead they bring you even deeper's all over you that you can feel your chest getting heavier you'd wish that life could be easy but in reality it will not be fun if it is too easy forget how lucky you are and how many people out there wanting to be where you are

ein needs to go home...

Monday, March 22, 2010

ibarat melepaskan buaya tersepit

itu yang aku rasa sekarang. kadang2 hati ini terluka. kadang2 hati ni tercalar. tapi, 'apa aku kisah?' bak kata seseorang.... atau bak kata orang yang cukup kurang ajar. orang yang tiada berhati perut. atau memang berhati batu? masih ada kah kesabaran dalam diri ini? masih ada kah perasan berserah itu pada Allah swt? masih kuat kah iman ini, Ya Allah?? dan aku mengeluh lagi... menarik nafas yang cukup panjang... memang hanya Allah swt yang tahu. orang lain hanya menokok tambah luka yang sedia ada. menambah kepedihan yang semakin menyucuk2. sesungguhnya perasaan kekesalan itu semakin menghampiri. namun ku pujuk hati ini. bahawasanya tiada kekesalan dalam sepanjang meniti kehidupan. semua itu cuma dugaan Allah swt terhadap hambaNya. yang sememangnya Dia tahu hamba Nya itu mampu mengatasi segalanya atas keredhaanNya. sekali sekala terlepas jua dari bibir ku. mengalir juga air jernih dari kelopak mata ku. namun, aku harus kuat. aku pasti kuat. dan aku akan dapat mengatasi dugaan ini. dan kejayaan itu pasti menemui aku. aku yang tidak pernah kenal arti putus asa... aku yang semakin kental.

11.44pm ein is signing off

Sunday, March 21, 2010

tiring but fulfilling weekend

my joelis are back!! that was the wonderful part :) after 3 days being away... they were in PD with my parents. we had a nice dinner at the patio at my parents' house on friday night celebrating my mom's birthday. hmmm alamak... time now is 1150pm... my eyes are getting heavier... but i wanna update my blog. :P i just finished updating my biz blog... uploaded a few pics about the skin care launch! it was greattt... the nicest part... i must admit, ... err.. meeting bryan davis again! :) he is such a wonderful man! well, i was not sure if he actually remembers my face or he was being nice... but hey... Kaiser and I got a personal invitation to Utah, having a nice dinner just with Bryan and his wife at a nice place!!! walauweeehhhh... hmmm gotta work harder now huh...

and today had a wedding in kg. really hot there... and when i got home, terrible migraine attacked me.. ohh... that's reminds me... wait.. gotta drink my xango! hang on...

err... oowhh.. can we continue some other time? i wanna sleep lah :P

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

if you had the chance...

lisa: ma, if you had the chance to undo things, what would you undo?
me: hmmm... i don't know gurl. there's nothing that i regret about.
lisa: yeah?
me: uurmm.. well, i guess if you asked me say, 5 years ago, i would say differently.
lisa: huh..? *smile*
me: yeah.. i could have said, i would undo my divorce.
lisa: yeah... me too ma.. but why did you say that.?
me: well, i didn't want the divorce, but then again, even so, at that time, i didn't want it, he'd divorce me anyway. *smile* but hey... but now, looking at your dad, i don't think i wanna undo.. hehehe :D
lisa: hehehe :D why?
me: he is too skinny... :P
lisa: but if you are not divorced, if he turned like that, what can you do..?
me: well, if i were still with him, i would guide him through and make sure that he lose weight but looked smart!!
lisa: hmmm... yeahh..
me: not looking like david the ABL..
lisa: oohh.. i did not watch that...
me: somehow, i have a strong feeling that he took drugs to win the competition.. hmmm
lisa: really?? how do you know?
me: my gut feelings.. hmmm

there's a limit

i had this conversation with lisa last weekend, while we were at WWM. what triggered that conversation, i don't remember. but it was about pengkid. i had this disgusted feelings in me if i see them now. sorry peeps, but you have expired. in my own personal opinion, certain behavior should expires when you leave high school. and don't blame on nature or whatever. it is all your own doing unless you are born as a 'khunsa', [one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs; at birth an unambiguous assignment of male or female cannot be made]. the expired pengkid are just not attractive anymore... they looked just weird.. and yucky.. and ohhh come on... guys just don't sit with their legs wide open, although they do have balls in between!! and stop walking like a weighing scale... gosh.. i am so in my hatred mood/mode. and lisa was just giggling when she sees me being so emo while telling her that :P

Monday, March 15, 2010

home refinancing - help...

i have always heard about this, but to be honest, i don't know what do i want... heheheh :D :P typical me... had this comment about me sometime, 15 years ago :P well, anyway, let's cut the crap... i think i know what i want...
  • i want to pay either the same amount or lesser for the monthly commitment (of course, would be better) and 
  • if i can get extra cash.. 
if any of you knows which bank can offer this, please send me a message yah.. :) appreciate it! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

the return of prince charming

yep.... my boy is back from his camping trip. first camping trip... and his comment was... "i am not sure if i wanna go again next year ma..." hmmmm and i am not sure if that is okay.. :) right now is already 1106pm... and its raining cats and dogs out there... wah... me and peribahasa? :P wekkk... hehehe :D anyway... joelis are asleep... gotta still wake up early for their taranum classes during the school hols.

last night was quite bad when there was blackout at my house area.... happened twice in 2 days... so not good at all. i wanted to wake up late on sunday... but was disturbed by mr morning guy... duuhh... :) anyway... i am so happy today coz my prince charming is coming home. so, in the morning, i went out with lisa... found a new place for breakfast.. nice roti canai.. and sambal sotong :) yuummm..  then we went back to the house coz lisa's friend was supposed to come and collect her worksheet. had 2 rounds of washing, hoping that they will dry on time for the maid to iron when she gets here... but .. of course tak sempat lah kan... 

by 1215noon.. drove off for music class... luckily we were not far off when i realised.. it's school holiday.. no music class lah!!... so... i called up my appointment in bangsar... reached there in less than half hour.. did the women stuff ;) and we, lisa and i walked to berjaya... and i ate like a p&*!!! seriously... lisa was shocked when she asked..."ma... how many days have you not eaten?" 

after lunch, we walked to mph coz lisa wanted to look for a story book.. nope, did not find it.. i looked at my watch.. almost 3pm..joey is almost there.... before approaching school, i decided to stop by the petrol station, before my car gets stranded again.. hehehe :D asked lisa to get some sundaes.. and fries... wow... am i in the eating mode!!!

and i was so excited to see the bus... we parked in the school compound.. and lisa and i rushed out to check on joey... and there he was...looking kewl & confident.. my cute lil joey... hehehe :D he looked quite clean for someone who just came back from camping. gave him his ice cream... and listen to his yik yaking.. :) and i am so happy that he is home safely... ya ya ya... me being paranoid.. :P 

cleaned up his camping stuff... sleeping bag splattered of toothpaste.. "sorry ma, my friend accidentally sat on the toothpaste on my sleeping bag" like... duhhhh... suddenly he got 2 'new' tshirts.. and 2 'new' pair of pants :P hehehe.. main kaut jerrr... aparaaa...

evening: had my gym session... at home... :P that's what happened when you live with a personal trainer at home :P and ouch... my thigh.... and later, i cooked dinner.. lisa requested for nasi goreng... so, senang je lah.. :) made 'nasi goreng burger' with my new frying pan from giant! hahaha :D 

and tonight... i hugged him as much as i can... :) while watching 'the tooth fairy' on dvd... :* do you want pics?? tomorrow lah... i am getting sleepy now... 

ein signing off at 1122pm :) have a happy monday tomorrow ya'll!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

tak chun la marah2...

control your emotions la babe... i have other things that i wanna update but the sight of a sweet (so-called) looking person releasing her temper by banging things on the desk really pissed me off. i believe everyone has their workload to do... everyone has a boss to report to. manage your time and you don't need to express your temper in such a way... *sigh*...

other topic... :P i had a very bad migraine last night. lots and lots of things in my head... looking at kaiser sleeping so soundly beside me made me so geram... i decided to sms my friend... she was on her way back from somewhere lah... and since kaiser is a very light sleeper... i tippy toed out of my room and went downstairs. switched on the tv... and called my friend... we yik yakking for a while. felt a bit better although my migraine is so ouchhie... took actifast... and i fall asleep on the sofa.. :( waited till i was really sleepy and went upstairs...that was already 1.00am.. true enough... kaiser woke up and asked me what i was doing still up... just told him i could not sleep... pull the blanket and off to dreamland.... :) zzzzzzzzzz

other than that... alhamdulillah for the rezeki... insyaAllah, God is there all the time to help me out. Ya Allah, aku pohon lembutkan lah hati nya Ya Allah... 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ngee :) :)

that's the expression that i can share with you guys... ngee ngee :D ngeh ngeh ngeh.... hehehehe :D alhamdulillah... but after tax.... shuckksss... a lot being deducted. darnn.... anyway... managing a few stuffs right now... april is going to be a very busy month... 

had a fun conversation with joey last night and this morning.. especially when pacat becomes pocong... belerang becomes something else... hehehe :D he is so excited for his coming camping programme by the school. and me...??? felt like following him for the camping... and he just looked down... hehehe :D i really like to tease him. and he is the type who will not say 'no' to me... but he just kept quiet... *sigh* my sweet joey :) hmmmm unlike lisa.... a more aggressive version... LOL :D 

Friday, March 5, 2010

me thinking +ve

after having not a smooth time for the past 2 weeks, finally i find a space to breathe today. just got back from the club for my company's event tomorrow. last minute thingy, gotta be the emcee. so, grabbing the opportunity (again). agaknya muka aku ni muka emcee je kut. :P so, i went to check out the backdrop just now - already kawtim.. :) was caught in a jam on the way back to the office. 

starting very early tomorrow... and sunday, looking forward for joey's 1st football match :) yey.... so looking forward.... sure dia excited :)

so now... nak pergi makan dgn kawan2 :)


what frustration means to you...
  • when you are upset with someone but that someone doesn't know it. it happens normally in a relationship... hehehe :P logically... neither one of you can read minds, so, talk it out.
  • you are really looking forward to something but got cancelled due to stupid reasons/arguments.
  • when you are so ermmm... what's the word aahh... squeezed up with lots of issues around. you try so hard to maintain your calmness but volcano will erupt if you don't let it out, somehow.
  • your friend being sarcastic just because she/he thinks that she/he has done something big... duhh... 
  • people who doesn't pay up debt when they know that you needed the money... oitttt... 
so... how to settle this? i don't know.... 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

take precaution

i was driving back yesterday after a very long boring day at work. i can't believe that i am actually saying this. me getting bored at work? i wonder what causes it? just have to do some soul searching soon. :P cheywwaahh... or another excuse to go on a holiday? 

anyway, as i was driving up the hill towards my house, i saw the trees on the roadside were broken. in fact on the highway there were lots of broken little branches. in my thought was, wow... the rain must be pretty heavy! and i drove up saw the trees... i looked on my right where the slope is, still covered with blue plastic. wonder when MPAJ is gonna do something about it. and i also wonder how severe is the soil sliding underneath that blue plastic. 

drove further up.. saw all the sign-age on the roadside collapsed. and i meant... all! saw more broken trees. and one road going towards a condo area was closed by the residents with plastic chairs to avoid cars going in there. a canopy next to riverdale apartment, beside a makcik where she always sell her nasi kukus, collapsed. that makcik shifted to the right side of the road.. :O

as i got home... kaiser reported that massive heavy rain.... water pouring down like crazy! :D quoting him... anyway, alhamdulillah, my daughter and husband were ok at home :) apa lagi... after that, i watch my drama lah! :P 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

am getting pissed

arrghh.... i am trying now to stabilize myself. get everything done.. work at the office especially.. and arranging things for home to be in place... and the school has got to mess things up. kaiser is upset, making lots of noises in my ears! :P arrgghhh... i want the day off!!! shite!!!

joey was supposed to attend a motivational session in school - supposed to start 720am and end at 1020am. so i told kaiser that if he could, pick joey up and send to my parents place so that he doesn't have to stay in school for the next 2 hours! so, kaiser rushed to the school, on time, as usual... and could not find joey anywhere. and knowing kaiser who hates to wait - who doesn't?? he called me at the office... babbling... so i told kaiser, joey is an obedient boy... if he is not there, there must be a reason because joelis listen to instructions. so, i told kaiser to just look around, in the music room maybe etc etc...

10 minutes later, i smsed kaiser and asked if he found joey. he called me up... still upset and told me that joey was out of the class awhile ago and to tell kaiser that the session is still on. and joey doesn't know what time it finishes. hmmmm.... goshh if only these teacher/(s) can follow the schedule, everyone won't get upset and it will not disturb other people's plan or meeting etc etc... and now... here i am at the office worried cause i did not give enough money for joey for the whole day! aarrgghhhh

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BA community

after about 1 month staying at BA, today i finally have the mood (not really) but doing it anyway. write about the BA community, especially the car drivers. they drive recklessly, most of them... let's say 90%. some people are friendly... well, i get to know my neighbor on my right. on the left, so-called celebrity, have never seen her since i lived there. monkeys were naughty - had a few days them throwing and messing up our rubbish. and kaiser had to clean them up. 

what i like about the place... it has this cooling and calming effect :) i don't really know how to explain. but when i drive out of that area, other place seems so hot. :P mengada kan? :)

BA tips: if it rains so bad, i should remember to avoid going down the hillside way - so, must remember to use the other side near kg pasir. 

laundry is slightly cheaper now.. rm3/kg... hehehe :D and they don't differentiate bed sheets and normal clothes :) i loike.... 

in summary, i am right now at the office - and feeling terribly bored! 

Monday, March 1, 2010

mama loves you joelis :*

yesterday...11.55pm - moments before i fell sleep: tears running down my cheeks as i was about to go to sleep. suddenly i remembered what joey said in the car on the way back after soccer practice. that was when i felt like getting out of bed again and write my blog. but i didn't want to wake kaiser beside me. he is a very light sleeper. so... there i was, lying in bed... compiling what to write the next day. grabbed my handphone and updated my status on fb. i miss my joey...

things have been quite hectic. things as in.. new home, new routine, etc etc.... although when i shifted to the new blog, my idea of writing is to maintain it happy, i am also a normal human being. i get sad once a while. not that often, but i guess this time it was quite a blow. been looking around - my friends... what have i lost? i have not really being out with my friends. somehow, i don't jive anymore? some people say i am a late bloomer... and some say, i am at a different wave now. hmmpphh.. maybe...

10.36pm: kissed my joelis before i went down to join kaiser watching merlin on tv3. kaiser was already conquering the sofa :P merlin started 7 minutes already... did not miss that much.. but since it is the finale, we were really looking forward for it. darn this kaiser... took both cushions!! :O and as i was setting my butt, he gave me this naughty smile while inviting me to lie down beside him. :) it was nice... i dont know, somehow sometimes, i still feel a bit awkward... but getting cuddled while watching tv has always been my favorite moments :)

kaiser: come here you... you have been so far from me... *while making space beside him*
me: *taking the opportunity to squeeze in* heh heh :D hmmmm... 
love getting the muscular hugs :D LOL.... 

10.30am - while driving back from Dsara Heights. 
joey: ma, you cannot die first. i will die first.
me: huh?? *giggle* naper joey?
lisa: aiyyokkk... 
joey: *continue babbling* ye la... i will not let you die first. i dont want you to leave me. but i can leave you.
lisa: aiyyookkk joey nak tinggalkan mama...!!
me: *still driving.. while listening to every word joey was saying*
joey: i dont want to be alone ma... i dont want. so... just let me die first.. heh heh :D you cannot leave me... *while playing with his seat belt*
lisa: *keeping quiet at the back seat*
me: *looked at him with a smile*  i love you so much joey... :*
joey: i love you too ma...

all those did not sink in my head until late at night before i doze off..only then that i realize... that we will not be here forever.. :(