Friday, February 5, 2010

so.. it's news..

5th feb 2010

so.. finally i get to blog.. i mean really blog. today is the 5th day at our home. we have been busy moving house last sunday. it was tiring especially when at first we weren't that sure of moving. but we really like the house - the owner was not being that nice when she took out both air-conds from the house. but then again, it's okay lah... she has not been honest, let Allah swt do the rest for her doing. 

my parents moved house too - and.. so did my younger sister, N3. so .. everyone was busy with their own moving .. :) money came out from the pocket like water... :/ i took extra day off on tuesday to settle moving the astro for joelis, get the technician to check on my washing machine. and.. the gas. perrgghh... everything needs cash man!! 

and kaiser has been a wonderful diy man.. heh heh... everyday he will be calling me at the office just to report what he has done to house, to make it better :) :D the other day he fixed the water heater... then the lamp at the stairs. and few days back, he was running away from a big lizard - so he said :P hahaha LOL.. 

we love this place. it is huge compared to the earlier little apartment. i am happy to see kaiser and joelis happy in our new home. although we are only renting it now, we are satisfied. we got what we want in a home :) our furniture seemed to be not enough to fit in the house. i like my kitchen.. the bathroom is okay too... :) we have 5 rooms and 4 baths.. i hope i can clear the boxes in the guestroom soon so that i can put a bedroom set in there for my parents or any guests when they come over.

it is breezy in the morning, i didnt have to switch on the air-cond when i drive down the hilly road  with lots of greens on the left and right of the road :) and owwhh.. i saw monkeys the other day just in front of our house... jumping from 1 tree to another :) hmmm i wish i can write more.. but i am sleepy now.. will continue later okay... and hopefully will put on more pictures. insyaAllah planning for a kenduri doa selamat soon.

ein signing off from our new home :)