Saturday, February 27, 2010

nasi ambeng feast on saturday

if you have not heard of it... google it... hehehe :D nasi ambeng is..

This is a traditional Javanese food that is very popular in Malaysia. What make it interesting is the way to eat it. It's served in a big plate call 'DULANG' on top of banana leaf to add extra aroma. The rice,vege , fried chicken and others (such as fried noodle) are serve together in the dulang and if you can see closely from the picture (the one that I'd have last few months) the fried noodle is arrange in 4 direction which indicates to be eaten 4 person in a group or DULANG.
Nasi Ambeng is a very good example of a delicacy that not only come with a wonderful taste but it gets people together. Sharing the food in one big plate give the opportunity to do more than eating that is socializing and it works...Although one might find it a little big uncomfortable.
If you've eaten Nasi Ambeng in a true traditional way you might agree with me but if you have not experienced it you should ASAP then only you can understand what I'm talking about.
Well.... i had a small gathering, kenduri for doa selamat & kesyukuran for various reasons lah... for the new home, lisa's UPSR result etc... so i invited a few friends and family members. i served roti jala for breakfast and nasi ambeng for lunch... we also had creme puff and kuih talam keladi. it was a good session la... just an excuse to lepak actually :)