Thursday, February 25, 2010

my fav movie

there we were, kaiser and i... lazying on our old blue sofa... after shooing our joelis to bed. although we failed miserably.. hehhee :D coz both of them will not stop coming down lah... go to the kitchen lah... to the ironing room lah... of ask me this and that... etc... most of the time kaiser will be the one scolding them... i could not be bothered.. coz, me personally i dont like the noises.. especially before they go to sleep. so.. hmm let the father do his job :P hmmmm off track again..

anyway, i was browsing the star paper.. and i saw that pretty woman will be on at 10pm. so i waited lah.. well, we switched between glee and pw. :) 

love the way richard gere acted in that movie.. but how can kaiser said that he is gay? cannot be.. :( i think kaiser got the wrong guy lah.. of he is just jealous coz edward lewis is more romantic than him... hahaha ;D anyway.. it was nice... lying on his lap watching the movie together.. :) hmmmm... teasing each other.. :)