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monday blues?

by - February 09, 2010

nope, it doesn't exist in me :) alhamdulillah. used to have have but not anymore. i find that when you go to work feeling fresh with a positive attitude, there won't be monday blues :) provided, of course, a person needs to love his job - coz if you don't, how can you go to work willingly and feeling happy? right? anyway, this is what happened to me yesterday, i got up early and was supposed to send joey to school in the morning, i thought he starts at 830am... but when he ran into my room, looking panicky and surprise... coz his mom has not showered, then only i knew he starts at 800am!! yikess... and i only have like 10 minutes to be ready. 

so, wonder mom left home at about 7.45am... using the other exit road, avoiding the mrr2 :) and yesss... reached his school late, but not too... late :D hehehe :D if kaiser reads this, he will starts nagging for sure. "you must be early" "you must be before time" yada yada yada.... :P heh heh :D and, i managed to get to the office parking before 830am! not bad huh...

psst... i also noticed myself that i am getting blur while driving... why ahhh? :O :( and i get shocked easily... so un-cool :P

i had late breakfast after trying to organize myself... by 1130am... my head was spinning.. more of light headed.. immediately i knew something is not right. my blood pressure was getting a bit on the low side. in fact as i am typing this now, i am having it again :( 

after a long - quite productive day at work, i went home and got to pick up joey by 725pm... went to buy dinner, had dinner with joelis. then, i took some pictures.. hehehe ;D hmmm doesn't jive at all.. :P i wish i could take a picture of joey- shirtless... hahaha :D cute. :) but he quickly hid himself. 

folded the clothes with joey while watching tv. lisa slept early last night... by 930pm she was in bed.. joey was supposed to sleep too but he insisted to help me with the clothes :) sweet kan :) it is actually a trick people!! to sleep later... duuhh... 

kaiser came home at 955pm... and saw joey still up... apa lagi... bebel lah! hehehe :D 

                                our hall/living room                                              my dry kitchen

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