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learn how to cook

by - February 12, 2010

actually i have other things in mind to blog, but let's start with this. before i forget. :) heh heh :D

i am not embarrassed to admit nor am i proud to say that i am not a good cook lately. my mom used to say that you need to cook a lot to be good at it. errr... that applies to lots of things, don't you think? :D well, anyway... i am having this difficulty to cook at home (other than being err... or having this 'better buy' mode). by the time i get home after fetching joey from my parents' place, i will be extremely tired to cook, or the mood is not there. 

and other excuse would be, kaiser has a lot of restrictions of what he can eat. the good thing about it, the food remains healthy food. :P so, in short, no more masak lemak or anything with lots of gravy. and if you ask me, what is served? most of the time, mix vege (for kaiser and me) and chicken for kids, eggs for kaiser.. and tofu would be good.

so, as i was buying lunch for myself just now, i took the opp to ask the makcik on how to cook the cabbage to make it crunchy.. :) she said, just don't leave it too long. and in my head.. yeahh i do that too but why mine ain't crunchy still? :( and the tofu... she said, i need to fry first, then only make the gravy i.e. tepung jagung etc.. or soupy (which kaiser disapprove i am sure).

anyways.. here are the pics of the fav dish at home so far :)

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