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brain freeze!

by - February 19, 2010

i think this is the 3rd time or maybe more that i landed on 'new post' page, but failed to post anything. the answer(s) to this is/are too many things to write but don't know which one to write first or all ideas are being jumbled up at the moment that it got stuck in my head - but my fingers are so itchy to get it all out on the blog - failed miserably.

i had a weird dream last night. i dreamed that someone broke into my house through my balcony - and i caught the person. she turned out to be my ex school mate :) she just wanted to know where my husband is from, she stole the passports. the funny thing is, she stole/took the wrong passport, took my indo maid's passport instead :P LOL :D hahaha.. and funnier, i don't have a live in maid :O :P

let's par-tay: i am so in the need to have a gathering. i don't exactly know what to do but just wanna have a chat with a group of friends. but to do that, i will need to organise things.. i don't remember the last time i organised a private event - except my wedding and office event. where do i cater for food? errkkss... what should i order? how do i do any activities? should i do something? or do we just sit and chit chat? hmmm don't think so, right? now i am sleepy.. helpp... i will be writing rubbish now i think.

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