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and i am still smiling

by - February 22, 2010

my new console table cum home office table: last night, joelis were already in their rooms. i was at 'my' home office.. heh heh :D really like the way it sounds... 'home office'.. i was out shopping with joelis last saturday morning, right after breakfast. really wanted to visit the recycle furniture shop in ampang. so... apa lagi, we went to terjah lah.. i really wanted a table err.. 2 tables actually for joelis' desktop and my printer. so, to cut story short, i bought 2 tables :) and had them delivered while kaiser was at work... LOL :D and then i went for the 2pm meeting. hahaha :D can you imagine, when kaiser came home, he didn't realise that i had those 2 tables in the family room upstairs! funny.. :D :P it looked almost like this just that the color that i bought was dark brown :)

i guess few things made me smile.. and another thing was when i looked at the pictures from my cuz's album during Ginen's family day.. we really had fun mannn!!! really enjoyed ourselves.. i just love looking and joelis having fun too! err although there were very minor hiccups.. perasan people are everywhere... hahaha :D we really really had fun... and so looking forward for next trip!! kudos to organizers!!! love the telematch... love the water balloon fights.. love the karaoke.. love the longest line...where my group got disqualified..! :P hehehe :D check out these photos... will try to upload more in my multiply album soon!

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