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nasi ambeng feast on saturday

if you have not heard of it... google it... hehehe :D nasi ambeng is..

This is a traditional Javanese food that is very popular in Malaysia. What make it interesting is the way to eat it. It's served in a big plate call 'DULANG' on top of banana leaf to add extra aroma. The rice,vege , fried chicken and others (such as fried noodle) are serve together in the dulang and if you can see closely from the picture (the one that I'd have last few months) the fried noodle is arrange in 4 direction which indicates to be eaten 4 person in a group or DULANG.
NasiAmbeng is a very good example of a delicacy that not only come with a wonderful taste but it gets people together. Sharing the food in one big plate give the opportunity to do more than eating that is socializing and it works...Although one might find it a little big uncomfortable.If you've eaten NasiAmbeng in a true traditional way you might agree with me but if you have not experienced it you should ASAP then only you…

my fav movie

there we were, kaiser and i... lazying on our old blue sofa... after shooing our joelis to bed. although we failed miserably.. hehhee :D coz both of them will not stop coming down lah... go to the kitchen lah... to the ironing room lah... of ask me this and that... etc... most of the time kaiser will be the one scolding them... i could not be bothered.. coz, me personally i dont like the noises.. especially before they go to sleep. so.. hmm let the father do his job :P hmmmm off track again..
anyway, i was browsing the star paper.. and i saw that pretty woman will be on at 10pm. so i waited lah.. well, we switched between glee and pw. :) 
love the way richard gere acted in that movie.. but how can kaiser said that he is gay? cannot be.. :( i think kaiser got the wrong guy lah.. of he is just jealous coz edward lewis is more romantic than him... hahaha ;D anyway.. it was nice... lying on his lap watching the movie together.. :) hmmmm... teasing each other.. :)

some fun pictures!

and i am still smiling

my new console table cum home office table: last night, joelis were already in their rooms. i was at 'my' home office.. heh heh :D really like the way it sounds... 'home office'.. i was out shopping with joelis last saturday morning, right after breakfast. really wanted to visit the recycle furniture shop in ampang. so... apa lagi, we went to terjah lah.. i really wanted a table err.. 2 tables actually for joelis' desktop and my printer. so, to cut story short, i bought 2 tables :) and had them delivered while kaiser was at work... LOL :D and then i went for the 2pm meeting. hahaha :D can you imagine, when kaiser came home, he didn't realise that i had those 2 tables in the family room upstairs! funny.. :D :P it looked almost like this just that the color that i bought was dark brown :)
i guess few things made me smile.. and another thing was when i looked at the pictures from my cuz's album during Ginen's family day.. we really had fun mannn!!! really …

you wanna be my lover??

ahah!!! ask my mother!! hahaha LOL :D

that was joey's song tonight... we had supper.. err.. joey and kaiser had supper.. i just had a drink.. and after that, joey sang this song..

joey: if you wanna be my lover, you got to get thru my friends
me: a'aa... nope... if you wanna be my lover, you got to get thru my mom!
joey: maaaa..
me: yes laa...
joey: okay la.. *with his cute reluctant face* hehehe :D if you wanna be my lover, you got to get thru my mom!

and suddenly... he continues...

"if you wanna be my lover, you got to get thru my father. coz if you ask my mother, it's never gonna be alright..."

hahaha :D i like.... :*

brain freeze!

i think this is the 3rd time or maybe more that i landed on 'new post' page, but failed to post anything. the answer(s) to this is/are too many things to write but don't know which one to write first or all ideas are being jumbled up at the moment that it got stuck in my head - but my fingers are so itchy to get it all out on the blog - failed miserably.

i had a weird dream last night. i dreamed that someone broke into my house through my balcony - and i caught the person. she turned out to be my ex school mate :) she just wanted to know where my husband is from, she stole the passports. the funny thing is, she stole/took the wrong passport, took my indo maid's passport instead :P LOL :D hahaha.. and funnier, i don't have a live in maid :O :P

let's par-tay: i am so in the need to have a gathering. i don't exactly know what to do but just wanna have a chat with a group of friends. but to do that, i will need to organise things.. i don't remember the last t…

buhsan tahap gaban!

translated as i am so BORED!!

Ginen's Family Day 2010

our first Ginen's Family Day organised :) and glad that it was a success! 10 out of 13 brothers and sisters turned up together with their children and grandchildren. all of us had fun - well dont know if any of them/us did not, but us, for sure... we had a blast!!! since i used a traditional camera, i have to develop those pics first lah... :P and took some from my handphone camera :) here is the video that i took when joey was swimming in the sea... errrkk... there is no video icon??? i cannot upload video?? huwaaa :( :( lemme try again.. with the old style...

Great News!!!

XanGo Distributors Donate 1 Millionth Meal to Feed the Hungry
XanGo Meal Packs provide first step out of starvation for severely malnourished.
LEHI, UT – XanGo, LLC announces a significant milestone in its efforts to feed severely malnourished children and adults around the world, with the donation of its 1 millionth meal through the XanGo Meal Pack program. Distributed through a grant from the XanGo Goodness charity program in partnership with global health and disaster relief organization AmeriCares, the XanGo Meal Packs provide needed sustenance to those suffering from chronic malnutrition, illness, displacement due to war or natural disaster and extreme poverty across Latin America, Africa and Asia. read more:
Be one of those who contributes! Contact me :) 

Laksam! Yummy.. and because i used my handphone to update the blog... the pictures cannot be on one post okay... bear with me please.. :) ;)
Sotong goreng! Heaven!

we went to a place called restoran aziz satar... at first i thought it belongs to the actor aziz satar... but the owner's name is aziz and he sells sata / satar ? :D hehehe... the sotong goreng was really yummy and it was fresh!! same goes with the satar.... but i ate only a bit.. really hard to control myself.. hmmmm... and with all of us... more than 20 pax... total was only RM153! not bad huh?? :) thanks mug dude... :*

Makan time

Joey eating his 'satar' too spìcy for him! Hahaha :D

along the way

an orange kancil had an accident. Must have driven on the emergency lane. Ish ish ish. Now still driving to kuantan.pepatah kata... 'biar lambat asal selamat'... but do they listen? hmmm..

Immigration part III

Still seated here after 1 hour 15 minutes. No updates from the offìcer. Hmmm.. I wanted to use the washroom and guess what, it is at P2 when i am at 4th floor! How long do i have to wait now??
and guess whattt!!?? after waiting for 2.15 hours... they told me that we have to pay RM2,130/- WTFart....!!!! so... we both were so upset!! took kaiser's passport... and left... the officer told us that we should come back by next week.. 
hmmm let us just think about it first... that is a lot of money!!! moral of the story: it can be expensive, marrying a foreigner :P

words are not enough...

my dearest kaiser...
No words could ever tell you,
No action could express
The way I feel about you,
With you, my life is blessed.

You're the light in my tunnel.
You are my pot of gold.
You are the strength that gets me through
When despair has taken hold.

You're my once in a lifetime.
You make my life complete.
You are my blue ribbon
In the shadow of defeat.

There's nothing I could ever say,
And nothing I could do
To let you know just how much
Love is in my heart for you. 

happy valentine's day :) :*

learn how to cook

actually i have other things in mind to blog, but let's start with this. before i forget. :) heh heh :D

i am not embarrassed to admit nor am i proud to say that i am not a good cook lately. my mom used to say that you need to cook a lot to be good at it. errr... that applies to lots of things, don't you think? :D well, anyway... i am having this difficulty to cook at home (other than being err... or having this 'better buy' mode). by the time i get home after fetching joey from my parents' place, i will be extremely tired to cook, or the mood is not there. 
and other excuse would be, kaiser has a lot of restrictions of what he can eat. the good thing about it, the food remains healthy food. :P so, in short, no more masak lemak or anything with lots of gravy. and if you ask me, what is served? most of the time, mix vege (for kaiser and me) and chicken for kids, eggs for kaiser.. and tofu would be good.
so, as i was buying lunch for myself just now, i took the opp to as…

immigration experience

after everything was done today, i decided to blog this, for the benefit of others who wishes to do the same. marrying a foreigner give me and my partner extra work on documentations. and this does not include the sivil certificate or whatever on the marriage. hmmmm... anyway... here goes.
To Apply For Spouse Visa (Foreigner marrying a Malaysian)
documents needed: form 12form 38a copy of marriage certificatea copy of divorce certificate (if you were a divorcee before)a copy of permission to get married out of country (if you got married out of malaysia) a copy of passport for applicant (all stamped pages)a copy of spouse's IC (being the sponsor)passport photograph 2 pieces each, husband and wifesecurity bond stamp RM10letter of oath - get it at the oath office near the immigration ofc. 1 piece wedding photo steps: fill up all the formsattach the pics wherever relevantgo and get the security bond stamp at lvl 20, wisma kswg, jalan kg attap, kl. pay RM10go to oath office at the immigra…

monday blues?

nope, it doesn't exist in me :) alhamdulillah. used to have have but not anymore. i find that when you go to work feeling fresh with a positive attitude, there won't be monday blues :) provided, of course, a person needs to love his job - coz if you don't, how can you go to work willingly and feeling happy? right? anyway, this is what happened to me yesterday, i got up early and was supposed to send joey to school in the morning, i thought he starts at 830am... but when he ran into my room, looking panicky and surprise... coz his mom has not showered, then only i knew he starts at 800am!! yikess... and i only have like 10 minutes to be ready. 
so, wonder mom left home at about 7.45am... using the other exit road, avoiding the mrr2 :) and yesss... reached his school late, but not too... late :D hehehe :D if kaiser reads this, he will starts nagging for sure. "you must be early" "you must be before time" yada yada yada.... :P heh heh :D and, i managed to …


at least something made me happy today..!! my date on the posting appears back!! thanks to some guy for his help... i just needed to click on the revert to default template thingy!

one fine afternoon :)

once awhile, i'd take the opportunity to go out on a date with kasier :) this happened yesterday...  after going back and fro coz at first it rained.. used the time to create a blog for lisa's homeroom. then, off we went for a ride around UP... some houses that we saw are nice... 
we call the houses below - 'ghost city'. lots of houses seemed wasted. all done but no one is staying here. that's kaiser on his scooter. we took a few other pictures too.. some because we like the view.. some looked dangerously behind a slope... errrkkk.. :P and kaiser told me to stop being afraid of slopes.. hills.. hehehe :D can't help it lah.. 

my neighbours & our home

had a long day today. chose to get up very early to catch up with my gym session. missed 2 sessions last week due to our busy-ness moving house :P lisa had her replacement school day. poor joey had to get up as early as all of us. anyway, luckily me and my bright idea... kaiser to send lisa to school and i bring joey later to my parents' place. then i met up with kaiser at the gym. by 8.30am, we are done. headed for breakfast, then i drove to lisa's school. 
it was a good gathering. replacement class cum homeroom meeting. me and my big mouth offered to do the class' blog... duhhh... anyway the group of parents are not really in line with me... in short, tak satu kepala lah... :P different kind of thinking. but okay lah, i offered to do something. LOL :D after that, lisa and i went to fetch joey before we headed to our home.
and tadaaa... saw kaiser [suami mithali] sweeping the porch.. heh heh... :D rarely that i can see that happening.. or, in my own experience, it has not h…