Friday, January 15, 2010

why la You give me this challenge?

:( we are moving to a new place in a month. we really like the place - joelis will have better, big rooms for themselves. and kaiser will have his own office at home. the maid will have a room for her ironing and lisa's room wont be a mess anymore.. [ sorry lisa for messing up your room for the past few months but i dont have a choice :( ] and kaiser and i will have our own 2 wardrobe for our clothes... we, means kaiser and i. the moment we stepped into the house - we smiled inside :) :) we could feel it... we both felt that 'yesss!! this is what we wanna call home' joelis have not seen inside the house yet. but they have seen from outside and they like it. well, they like it because it is nearby their close friend's house :P well anyway... this week we've seen 2 houses that we like earlier put up 'for rent' goshh.. the temptation is so strong. we've paid deposit... :( :( later i will be going to another house that we like.. will put up pic soon okay.... God ... give me strength...

i hope that house is more expensive :P