Thursday, January 14, 2010

right man for the right woman?

i am having migraine right now. i think i have too much things in my head... wait... not think.. i know i have too much things in my head. errr.. mostly about work. i think 60% work and 40% home :) well anyway... i should be able to settle things soon. i know i will, i just need to FOCUS!!!! shucksss... and by the office blocking blogger, it is not helping me to reduce my stress! hahaha LOL... excuses.. excuses..

anyway, last night i had a good time watching the movie 'Hitch' with kaiser. actually before that i watched oprah and she was talking about the same topic... something about sex appeal - attraction of women and men - relationship etc... goshhh how to summarize? have lots of things to gather.. and looking at current situation, women's choice of men changes from physical to financial. look at the line of men below...the most high ranking man may not achieve a high rank anymore once their income is make known to women. this is based on the survey done with a few women in US.

Disclaimer: the photos shown below are not the actual photos used.

another point that interest me during the oprah talk show is that. nowadays women are more independant and they don't need man (like before) to provide for them financially. interesting isnt? :)