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hows ur weekend?

by - January 24, 2010

i had a great weekend.. as usual. started off early in the morning with joey's soccer practice. and yey... i got my breakfast in pelita... finally!! but somehow.. it doesnt taste that nice ... why ahh?? it still tastes a bit lemak la but not thattt really special suddenly. hmmm... and the conversation that i had with WS was how do i say it... educational :)

anyway... we, 4 of us just finished playing tennis and basketball. i have not played netball for many months and this year i just dont have the mood to play anymore. getting bored maybe. but hey.. i can still shoot well with basketball just now. then i went to the tennis court to see joelis playing tennis with kaiser.

lisa with my sunglasses on, namely 'ms drama queen'... and also known as ms whiner.. played with joey.. and he was good for a first timer (with his new tennis racket) it was fun la..

and owhhh... we went to see the new house yesterday with my mom and sister.. guess what, the owner took out the airconds, and fan.. but she said there was no fan? weird... and lots more bluffing... hmmm what do i do now?

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