Sunday, January 3, 2010

happy birthday my dear joey

joey turned 10 today... i made an impromptu plan to have a picnic at lake garden to celebrate his birthday - without telling him who are coming. gathered 2 families of his friends i.e. adam & naqib, abg Z's family since we have not been hanging out together for quite sometime :) and joelis' daddy's new family... but of course they will not turn up...tak berani lagi kut... LOL...
i wrapped joey's presents few days before.. owh.. gotta change a bit.. :) kissed him early in the morning and asked him if he wants to open his presents early or wait till i come back from my gym.. and he said, after i came back... so... off i went for my gym session at 730am. got back.. gave his presents :) and we went for breakfast.

rushed for music class later... owwhh before that, there was an incident which i shall tell more in a different topic. we had a simple lunch... went home, perform prayer... pick up kaiser and off we went to lake garden. it rained a bit but it didnt stop us from having fun!!

did lots of activities...badminton... they went on a train ride.. and football!! yesss....

chose chowder as joey's cake... :)

and now.. before i end the day... gotta clean up the messy kitchen.. gotta find thread to sew the school badges!! aarrgghhh... hehehe :D LOL... :P