Monday, January 4, 2010

happy 2010!

it started very well... :) with kaiser cooked dinner and me had a massage just before that... and that was on the 1st... new year eve, we were at home. like the last few years of nye.. i am not that excited to celebrate ny out in the city.. prefer being home with my family. and this year, i forgot abt the fireworks.. had joelis slept early. and when the clock strucked 12, i was at the sofa with kaiser.. :) watching a movie. hmm felt better and comfy, really...

errmmm sorry people.. just not in the mood to blog la.. i hate my office right now.. omg... i just cant believe i am actually saying this.. just because they block today. darn...!! i just hate it... arrgghh.,. i am so angry... and right now my laptop buat perangai again... it is jumping up and down.. talking about the keyboard... arrghhh..

boring.. wanna go sleep.. and hug my huggy bear.. nite nite everyone..