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good try joey!

by - January 28, 2010

hahaha :D here he comes... back from school, while i was watching the 630pm drama... ssshhh... hey.. this is the only time that i can watch it when.. ehh.. if kaiser has his evening training at the gym. that is the only time i can watch malay drama. why?? because... he does not allow me to watch it... why? :D because.. he said, malay drama is too sad.. too much cryings.. hahhaah :D he does have a point there.. but maybe since i have started watching, might as well i continue. missed a few episodes already anyway. the maid cum the employer's son's wife (secretly) has delivered their baby.. ohh they got married secretly too... duuhh.. typical man with no balls!! blah.. blah.. blah... it is on tv3 by the way. errmmphh... anyway...

joey: ma...
me: yep...
joey: maaa..
me: yes... what... wait... lemme watch this drama first
joey: but maa.. i wanna talk to you..
me: joey.. when you watch cartoon, i dont disturb you.. so pls... dont disturb me.. this is the only time i can watch drama okay! *getting a bit pissed*
joey: *sigh* oookay...
                                he went to shower.. 

*break for advertisement*

joey: ma..
me: haa.. yes..
joey: you did left the nail clipper this morning for me to use right?
me: yes.. i did.. have you cut your fingernails?
joey: yes la ma..
me: and...?
joey: if you can leave your nail clipper at home.. *with his bright hoping eyes with a smile*
me: aaahaaa...
joey: can you leave your laptop at home and you go to work? *grinning*
me: hahahahah LOL :D *showed him my fist* good try joey... good try!!
joey: hehehhe :D was just trying my luck...

and later off we went for dinner :)

my cheerful joey! :) :*

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