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the call...

by - January 07, 2010

... that woke me up... nope, not from my sleep. but from my busyness at the office. i am not complaining, just sharing coz to be honest, i love this busyness that i am facing right now. and to be honest, i dont feel like going home now coz i have lots of things to settle... but, i need to go home :D heh heh :D confused? nothing to be confused about.

kaiser just called me just when i was typing an email for a customer who asked me out for lunch. i was apologizing to the customer... and when i got kaiser's call, my eyes was shocked to look at the time! 600pm already??!! mammamiaaa... he was just cooking his usual bread and eggs and he thought of making extra for me.. how shhwweettt... i told him, its okay, i will have dinner later with joelis after prayer..

phew.... i better be get going home... will continue work tomorrow :) and owwhh i receive another email today... and i will share with you later later okay.. :)

p/s: if you guys wonder when did i have time to post those many postings below when i am so busy.. fyi, i scheduled those postings.. :)

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