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bit and pieces of a fruitful conversation

by - January 18, 2010

i dont know how to summarize what we had yesterday at my parents' house. it was a fruitful conversation between kaiser and N3. honestly if it was me having that conversation, we could have ended with an argument. but N3 handled the situation very well though i hope N3 will learn more on her part (saving my part :P... hehehe ) to help me answer to most of kaiser's doubt in islam. from the conversation, we also noted that kaiser has been misjudging the religion due to his lacking of understanding of the religion himself. but alhamdulillah, N3 did a great job explaining to him - and i did add a lil bit to support what N3 said. may this kind of conversation continues.... and Allah swt to give him the light of truth. insyaAllah

personally, i was and still sad with the things that is happening in malaysia. with the people of different beliefs hurting each other with stupyd actions. with the crazy bombing at the churches - with the displaying of cow head at temples - with the placing of pigs heads at mosque. where are your brains people? all these actions will only create more gaps among human beings. why cant we just live in harmony and peace?

on a different note, i am however pleased with the act of certain moslems who have started to do rounds to guard the churches from more stupyd actions by stupyd people.

well done gentlemen!!

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