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another weekend gone

by - January 10, 2010

it was much easier when joey has prepared everything last night for his soccer practise.. err.. now do i say soccer or football? they are just the same right? :P whatever lah... breakfast was different today. instead if our usual roti kosong at pelita.. we went to nasi lemak tanglin instead. the queue was 10 minutes .. or perhaps 15 minutes long. i dont remember the last time i had nasi lemak for breakfast.. and nasi lemak tanglin did not taste thattttt nice this morning... hmm why ahh? maybe i had roti kosong planned in my head.. maybe.. maybe.. lah.

had an sms from kaiser, informing that he's free if i wanna go for my gym earlier.. yeupp.. better earlier, so that after music class we are more free to do other stuffs. so.. by the time we got home, around 1040am, i prepared bread and egg for joey's snacks.. off we went for my gym. we arrived around 1110am. then.. finished at 12.10noon - took shower and sent joelis for music class by 1230noon. we had a good lunch... ayam penyet... will upload the pic later coz now the line is too slow.

went home again, planned for klcc trip this time to get joey's toys. he got in total of rm130 for his birthday present - and he's getting transformers :) what else aahh... i am tired la now... lots of clothes to be folded in lisa's room.. :( i am really really tired...

helpp... :( oh yeaah.. come back later coz i am so lazy to upload the pics :P

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