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by - January 12, 2010

encountered a few alamaksss today lah...

just when i was dreaming from office that when i get home the house will be cleaner... the maid agency customer service screwed up... they did not set the appointment for my maid to come today.. darn... now i have to wait another day! shucckks... poor kaiser, he has got to be around tomorrow again at the time the maid arrive. 

the weighing machine doesn't lie? really? if it is so, why is it that the calculation that i made over the internet, it says differently? (still in denial) hehhehe :D i woke up from bed this morning, straight away proceed to kaiser's weighing machine. it says that my fat is 28%!!! omg!! that is the highest so far... darn!!! well, i know i have been cheating in my food in-take.. errkkss...gullppss...  but this is what i did on the internet just now.

    my gurl seems to be enjoying her current school now... errkkss... do i really want her to be in the boarding school? well, if it is for the best, for her education, then my answer is yes. but if for me to be far away from my princess... hell NO!!!!! :( :( of course am gonna miss her... but why do i wanna change her school? because, err.. she should be in a more challenging surrounding - and more english speaking community.

    the conversation with my sister and mom made me think of things that i dont think of. i have not been chatting at my parents' house - due to my own house busyness arrangement. but anyway, since last night joelis had dinner there, and myself was split into 2... ?? hehehe :D i had dinner with kaiser then i picked up joelis. kalau idak, shian lak laki aku makan sorang... somehow he is getting used to having a company while eating. not that he wants to.. buti sort of influenced him.. neway back to the conversation... it just made me think... and i talked to AA abt it just to get it out of my chest. not that i am worried - but it did get into my head.
      ein is so distracted... hmmpphh... :(

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