Thursday, December 24, 2009

'virus' is out...

i have always wonder with people nowadays, what is in their head when they go to work? or even when they apply for a job? do they think that this is a place to spread gossips? or even a place to create a groupie sentiment... cheywaaahhh bahasa... aku pun tak tau apa maksud tuh... kwang kwang kwang... aku dah bengong sket ni... tulun.... 40 minit lagi aku nak balik! well anyway, please la, kita kerja kan nak carik rezeki halal, nak bagi anak bini makan. buat la kerja habis baik.. whoopss aku ni pun curik tulang la kiranya eh??? shucks!!! sorry... i have done my work... this is break :( :/ to me, whatever you do, Allah swt is there to watch... and if you are doing things wrongly, you used other people for your own advantage, Allah swt will give you back as how much you treat other people. Allah swt is fair. easiest rule in life, treat other people as how you want to be treated :) and if a person can talk bad things about other people to you, chances are that person can also talk bad about you ;) *wink*.... and to those whom i have said bad things about... my deepest apology.. nevertheless alhamdulillah, the 'virus' is out :)