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Poorer by 1300

by - December 28, 2009

heh heh... that's it man... yesterday that goes to my baby's account... who else? my dear citra lah... joey followed my parents to kuala selangor again. we woke up pretty early for a sunday morning. weather at home has not been that stable... as cloudy as the current weather actually. and sometimes it gets so stormy that people around tend to lay low and be quiet. do i like it? or course not!! who would like a stormy weather when we can enjoy the beautiful breezy and calm cool weather isnt? errrmmm.. why the heaven that i am talking about weather now huh?? :P well, ya know what i mean - thats enuf i guess.,

neway, after breakfast yesterday, sent joey to my parents, lisa stayed there coz i need to send my car for service and also color my hair. yeup... eversince i bought the hair iron, i have not been to the hair saloon for 1 whole month! wowww... not bad huh!!?? invested RM125 on the hair iron and saved 8 visits to hair saloon on a mthly basis, that usually would cost me say, RM20 minimum per visit. so, hokay laa... kan? :) the not good thing, my grey hair has been growing like a farm!! LOL... but since i can cover them up by not tying up my hair, thats fine la kan... shuckkk run off track again! :P

i was too early to the hair saloon, it was not opened yet. so, went to the workshop first, accompanied by my dearest daddy. :) thanks dad! pup pap pup pap... there goes... RM1370/- gone... absorber needed to be changed.. etc.. etc.. and luckily i kept all the records with me, or that bugger will ask me to change the timing belt la.. this la ... that laa... hey dont prey prey with this woman hokay... i do know abt cars!

pssttt.. i even thought of changing the dvd monitor in my car - but after advised by that guy.. and looking at the amount that i had to pay for service, *sigh*... plan has got to change. otherwise it will make me say... rm850 more... :( guullpp...

anyway.. done all that in half a day... more actually.. then i had my lunch... rest, pick up my car and went to the gym... this time, we brought lisa along coz we wanted to go and buy her slippers. ended up i bought a dress... errkk... sowwyyy.... but it was nice :) things went quite smooth until the storm hit us again...

aarrgghhh.... i hate this!!!! God give me strength!!!

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