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ouch...ouch.. and ouch..

by - December 20, 2009

it was my first time to the gym today.. i mean a paid-gym :P with more equipments and facilities :) kaiser has been talking about it.. so, the day came.. no matter how tired i was after the genting highlands trip, i pulled myself out of bed early to go to the gym. LOL :D got up earlier to prepare breakfast for joelis :) sausages and mushroom soup this time. set those on the dining table.. and off we went to the gym.

kaiser told me earlier that the gym is gonna be empty, and it was true.. well not really empty but less people.. there were only 2 women around.. not too many people la.. kaiser knows that i will be shy.. hee hee :D well anyway. my first impression... i love the changing room :) looked nice and clean... there's hairdryer somemore!! :P yak yak... jakun... :P and the equipments... of course more professional and many to choose from. i did my lower body and i just err... don't like it? :P but i had to do it? hmmm.. i prefer upper body to be honest :)

while doing the exercises, i observed some people who used the equipments. well, i am lucky to have a personal personal-trainer. it is really useful to have one coz then you will know what to do and how to do it right. some came to the gym and use the equipment once.. then moved to another different equipment, then to another... errr.. it doesn't work on your body that way.. you'll be tired and sweaty, yes, but it doesn't have affect on shapping your body as how you want it to :) so, ladies and gentlemen, do it right and you'll be satisfied :) how much does it cost to have a personal trainer? to me, it is really costly...i pay him differently har har har :D :P hehehe but to you... here're the charges... only RM80/session and he will advise you as how you want to shape your body. want a lower price? get a partner and charges will be RM100/session... so you can share the cost with your partner ;) sound attractive? there is a more attractive package.. contact me to know more... as long as you are in KL/Selangor, he can train you.

let's get back to me. :P what did i do yesterday... i told myself to remember the 'abductor' coz that is the area that i want to make it better... i hope i will improve.. and of course i need to control my food. have been neglecting that part... :P aarrghh... tough for me!!

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