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My break!

by - December 24, 2009

Spending time having lunch with my wonderful joelis. At pizza hut. Sshh.. Dont tell kaiser. Hehehe...

I so needed a break... bukan apa.. i just felt like mental stressed. it has been reduced cuma i just wanna break... wanna day off... so, these were what i did yesterday. well actually i forgot that i arranged for a training with my collge at the office. so, i came in anyway for the training session - brought my joelis along.

am: went to imigeresen at wangsa maju to renew joelis' passports... the queue was soooooo long.. so we decided to go home since joelis had a water fight appointment with kaiser. :) hehehe :D but when we got home, kaiser had to cancel coz he had an urgent meeting to attend to. so, i brought joelis to my office, then went to pusat bandar's imigeresen. since i did not bring joelis' birth cert, cannot proceed anyway.. :P so, we had lunch at pizza hut... and rushed home for the water fight.. but...

noon: reached home before 2pm... kaiser was not home. misunderstood joey's msg.. yeahh we have this often :D :P LOL.... the challenge marrying a foreigner.. language barrier :P anyway, when kaiser got home, i had to steal his time for awhile to buy the vacuum cleaner's bag. then.. kaiser had to rush for his 5pm mtg... my mom called to ask me to go to lisa's school to take the 'borang pertukaran sekolah request' ... maid arrived at 3pm. so, joey was home with the maid, while lisa and i went up and down 2 schools!

5pm: yey.... our sofa is back!!! lookin good... not great but good :) did not change the cover, just repaired the broken stuff by the rough tenant. :)

5.30pm: went swimming with joelis and wangsamas kids... we had fun... psstt psstt... we swam in the rain :P done with that... after prayer, all of us went to nz for dinner.. kaiser came back just in time for us to go for dinner... is it over for the day? :O nope...

8.30pm: went to my parents' house to get a few forms.. kaiser got a tshirt from my parents who just came back from vietnam.. and ohh.. lisa and i got materials from my mom.. and i bought 1 extra. joey got a pair of pants and tshirt... and a nodding horse :D hehehe :D

that's how i spent my break time :) still full huh....? :)

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