Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i am fine lah :P

i had this phone call from my dear friend today. her questions were really like big sister lah. nevertheless - just wanna update those who loves me.. heh heh heh :D perasan :P... i am fine... my kids are fine and my husband is a darling :) hahaah although he is so ego to show his affection in public. he is the type who shows his middle finger when he wants to say he loves me... hahah LOL... yeup.. that's my man :) but hey... i am okay with it... it doesnt hurt me.. well, to be honest i find it weird at first, but after living with him for the past errmm more than 6 months.. i kinda love his ways of expressing his feelings... har har har :D :P it is different... and i like being different and yes... we both are okay and he is taking care of me and joelis just fine :) so, no worries ok ;)

okay since i have been neglecting my blog, i will do the usual blabbering okay... :P hmmm let's see... right now, my lisa just sulked because i told her i am not coming to her room to hug her before she sleeps. hee hee... hello... it's me... if i don't hug or kiss both my joelis, i am the one who will have problem to sleep okay.. so.. chill la babe.. :P will come to your room soon okay.. after i am done blogging :P

just got back from PD last weekend. yeup just one night. kaiser had classes so, he did not join us. i went with joelis on saturday and came back to kl on sunday afternoon. was a good short break la... but of course not enough. it was quite tiring weekend actually - too packed with stuff to do. ohh... alhamdulillah i got someone to take care of the guesthouse. i had garage sale.. sold out most of the furniture. some i brought back to our little apartment. doing upholstery with the old sofa. nothing to do with it being old - just didn't want the old memories...heh heh :D duhh... so, i might go shopping with mommy dearest soon. bonus oh bonus... cepat la... err.. ada ke? :D :P oh... i had a wonderful time with kaiser.. we had a break without kids around. well actually when you are used with kids, when they are not with you, you become lost :) weird but true. anyway, that is the time that i used to talk with kaiser. good catching up :) kaiser sounded so excited telling me stories about his trip to Vegas. yeahh believe it or not, we were both too busy that we didn't have time to really talk about it. well anyway, i am so looking forward to another holiday.. this time with kids insyaAllah.

time with kaiser also meant that we both were at the guesthouse... cleaning up, mopping the floor, washing the bathroom etc... and it looked beautiful! dont believe? go and check the website :) repainted the whole guesthouse, it looked like new. ;)

what else huh?? hmmm... okay lah.. better sign off.. kaiser is busy watching spiderman. am gonna disturb him! :P