Saturday, December 19, 2009

hey... this is not the way to penang!

i just love the look of their happy and excited faces!! kaiser and i made a surprise trip to genting highlands today. and we told joelis that we are going to penang. lisa made a plan to meet up with her school friends today at 3pm, but i told her that we are all going away for a holiday. and when joelis asked where.. i told them it's gonna be a surprise.. and when they kept on pushing, kaiser said, 'penang' with his selamba face :) and the kids bought it!

woke up early, i mixed oats for joelis and i. kaiser had his usual shake. got ready by 745am... left the house 800am sharp! as promised! kaiser challenged us that if we said 800am it will not be 800am... but hey.. if there's a will there's a way.. cheywahh.. :) joey fell asleep again in the car on the way to 'penang'. drove calmly... but when we turned left at the genting highlands exit.. lisa got it!!

"joey... wake up... look!!! we are going to genting highlands!!" with her excited voice.... "huh?? wow...!! yey!! yey!!" he was getting excited too! "ma, does this means you have enough money already?" heheheh :D and i just smiled.. :) "yeah.. as promised.." "but ma, you said we are going in december?" and all of us said..."duuhh.... now IS december!" joey went... "owwhh.. ya'ahh.." and they started chattering and wowieng... :D parents' happiness is when they see their children's happiness :) especially when you can do things for them ;)

after buying the family package tickets, we went for our proper breakfast.. wallauwehh... RM50/- gone in a jiffy.. teh tarik RM5.80... kuey tiow goreng for RM9.50... roti canai RM3.00 duuuhh.... just like in US... LOL :P and in the afternoon when kaiser got his usual food for lunch.. ie white rice, vege & tofu... costs him RM15/-... hehehe :D he was shocked!

not that many games that joelis got to play. poor joey, he missed his flying dragon again - and same reason. due to the bad weather, they had to stop the roller coaster games. hmm what else? owhh.. first time we went into the outer space experince thingy... it really s&^%s... hehehe :D all i got was dizzy after that.. spinner was good i guess - just that joey closed his eyes all the way! what laaa.. kaiser enjoyed himself in the chocolate factory.. didnt really cover all games. but okay lah.. owhh... we played the army shooting thingy... and lisa scored the highest!! 76.2 i think.. i scored 46.2 and kaiser 27.2.. i think joey did 26.7... and as usual... kaiser starts to blehh blehh blehh coz he scored the lowest! hahah LOL... bumper car was the best!! err no...

next genting trip, we'll not buy the package. we should just aim for the games that we wanna play.