Saturday, December 5, 2009

He will take you at His own time

a shocking news arrived on my mobile today. it was already late. around 6 something in the evening. i was driving... *sigh*.... 'innalilahi wa inna lilahi rajiun..' i remembered just talking to him on the phone. he was helping me to get some tshirts for my company's event. he has always been helpful. and him being creative in his designs... i enjoyed working with him. i was planning to include him in the company's event next year. at times, he was not that calculative.. a funny and fun guy... cheerful... always... neat and beautiful work of art. i am going to miss working with him. darn... i cannot stop thinking about this.. :( alfy... may you rest in peace.. al fatihah... i borrowed the pic below from well actually it was posted on alfy's fb page.. when i see that pic, i had tears in my eyes... it looked really beautiful ... white and pure... see how cheerful he was with his wife and son...