Thursday, December 31, 2009

already the last day of 2009?

wow... how time flies... what have i achieved in 2009? early 2009 was tiring. with all the preparation for our wedding it was arrgghh... but i guess after that, the journey was more challenging that i almost forgot about the trouble that we had to go through prior to our wedding.

i learnt that a close friend can also hurt me so bad that it is difficult to forgive and forget. and a friendship that has been hurt, can never be the same again, no matter how hard i try.

in oct i did my advance open water diving test and we made it... AA, LS and myself.. :) went for our first night dive!

communication is the most powerful tool in a relationship. and i am proud of myself that i have practiced to say what i feel and ensure that we both understand each other to achieve our mission and vision. it is not about trying... it is about either you do it or not. focus on the issue and never assume. ask to know and not guess coz what's in your head may not be what's in the heart :)

had my ups and downs... no one said marriage is easy. but if we communicate well, insyaAllah, it will be okay. many people asked me how's the different to be with a mat salleh... well, i think it is not whether the guy is a mat salleh or asian - but it is more of the person himself. i am lucky at some part - and some part it could be very challenging... may Allah continue to guide me through this journey - and open his heart to you totally. i guess if You have brought me this far, You know that i am capable to walk through it :)

i am glad that few days back, we had the valuable chat. and today, being the last day of 2009, we made a big move... looking forward to march 2010!

good bye 2009.... and welcome 2010!


psst...pst... kaiser suspect that i am attending a german class..just because i know 1 german word... LOL... :P well anyway... i really wanna blaa blaa...yik yakking but i am having a bad headache right now... so, i am going to sleep soon ok... :) will update more soon!!

2009 has left me wonderful things and i am looking forward to 2010 that promises more beautiful and amazing things to happen! yes!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Poorer by 1300

heh heh... that's it man... yesterday that goes to my baby's account... who else? my dear citra lah... joey followed my parents to kuala selangor again. we woke up pretty early for a sunday morning. weather at home has not been that stable... as cloudy as the current weather actually. and sometimes it gets so stormy that people around tend to lay low and be quiet. do i like it? or course not!! who would like a stormy weather when we can enjoy the beautiful breezy and calm cool weather isnt? errrmmm.. why the heaven that i am talking about weather now huh?? :P well, ya know what i mean - thats enuf i guess.,

neway, after breakfast yesterday, sent joey to my parents, lisa stayed there coz i need to send my car for service and also color my hair. yeup... eversince i bought the hair iron, i have not been to the hair saloon for 1 whole month! wowww... not bad huh!!?? invested RM125 on the hair iron and saved 8 visits to hair saloon on a mthly basis, that usually would cost me say, RM20 minimum per visit. so, hokay laa... kan? :) the not good thing, my grey hair has been growing like a farm!! LOL... but since i can cover them up by not tying up my hair, thats fine la kan... shuckkk run off track again! :P

i was too early to the hair saloon, it was not opened yet. so, went to the workshop first, accompanied by my dearest daddy. :) thanks dad! pup pap pup pap... there goes... RM1370/- gone... absorber needed to be changed.. etc.. etc.. and luckily i kept all the records with me, or that bugger will ask me to change the timing belt la.. this la ... that laa... hey dont prey prey with this woman hokay... i do know abt cars!

pssttt.. i even thought of changing the dvd monitor in my car - but after advised by that guy.. and looking at the amount that i had to pay for service, *sigh*... plan has got to change. otherwise it will make me say... rm850 more... :( guullpp...

anyway.. done all that in half a day... more actually.. then i had my lunch... rest, pick up my car and went to the gym... this time, we brought lisa along coz we wanted to go and buy her slippers. ended up i bought a dress... errkk... sowwyyy.... but it was nice :) things went quite smooth until the storm hit us again...

aarrgghhh.... i hate this!!!! God give me strength!!!

Great Deal in 2010!

Hey guys... the above is my husband's new website. Please feel free to browse and forward the website to those you know who would be interested to look for a personal fitness coach. You can bring them to this page first to get linked to the website, while he is still in the midst of deciding of the name of the website.

And if you are my friend, do write my name as Introducer in the Member Registration Form to get a Special Rate!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'virus' is out...

i have always wonder with people nowadays, what is in their head when they go to work? or even when they apply for a job? do they think that this is a place to spread gossips? or even a place to create a groupie sentiment... cheywaaahhh bahasa... aku pun tak tau apa maksud tuh... kwang kwang kwang... aku dah bengong sket ni... tulun.... 40 minit lagi aku nak balik! well anyway, please la, kita kerja kan nak carik rezeki halal, nak bagi anak bini makan. buat la kerja habis baik.. whoopss aku ni pun curik tulang la kiranya eh??? shucks!!! sorry... i have done my work... this is break :( :/ to me, whatever you do, Allah swt is there to watch... and if you are doing things wrongly, you used other people for your own advantage, Allah swt will give you back as how much you treat other people. Allah swt is fair. easiest rule in life, treat other people as how you want to be treated :) and if a person can talk bad things about other people to you, chances are that person can also talk bad about you ;) *wink*.... and to those whom i have said bad things about... my deepest apology.. nevertheless alhamdulillah, the 'virus' is out :)

you can be who you wanna be...

i had a conversation with my gf the other day. i have heard this from other people as well. things like i dont wanna be like so-n-so... and in the end, you tend to be like so-n-so. i always look at myself, what i have become. i am happy with who i am right now. i am happy with how my 2 brilliant kids grow up. and i just so thankful with the help from my parents and my sisters.

i was a tomboy when i was at a younger age. to think about me having children... not in my brain of thoughts at all! hehhe :D and alhamdulillah when i had kids, i can afford to give them a lil bit of luxury that i did not get when i was a kid. there are some things that i continue from the way i was brought up... i.e. school holidays family holidays, strict in going out with friends. but i also practise some new things i.e. be more open with my kids, they can discuss without being shut out :) not blaming my parents on this just that parents before were more of 'military' style. and with my new marriage, i have started to teach my kids about being independant, and trust - with the help from kaiser. yes i was an over-protective mom to my joelis... all because i wanna make sure that they are safe all the time. not knowing, i will not be there all the time... so, we need to teach our kids to be independant. some of my siblings do not agree with me.. they are free to disagree... at the end of the day, this is how i want my kids to be brought up - with all the ingredients.... religion, academic, sports, fun, discipline etc... :)

oowhh before i forget... just one minus thingy... my gurl has become addicted to fb :( hhuuwaaa...

these are pictures of us after playing badminton & basketball on a sunday...

look at lisa... fb addict!!

nasi kukus

this is not the nasi kukus from the stall at my office :P

miss my nasi kukus again :( :( huwaaa... this week i have been craving for nasi kukus. i have not been going out for lunch at 1pm lately... have been doing my work through out lunch. especially when i am concentrating on my company's website, i got addicted and just could not leave my desk :D heh heh :D same goes like today... for the past 3 days, i thought the nasi kukus stall was not opened. only today i realized that they closed early after lunch... so i had to buy the nasi campur from the next stall.

wow... someone is so into blogging for the past few minutes... aarrgghh... so not in the working mode... i wanna be home with my joelis!!! :( :( especially after receiving sms from my lil joey ... :*

My break!

Spending time having lunch with my wonderful joelis. At pizza hut. Sshh.. Dont tell kaiser. Hehehe...

I so needed a break... bukan apa.. i just felt like mental stressed. it has been reduced cuma i just wanna break... wanna day off... so, these were what i did yesterday. well actually i forgot that i arranged for a training with my collge at the office. so, i came in anyway for the training session - brought my joelis along.

am: went to imigeresen at wangsa maju to renew joelis' passports... the queue was soooooo long.. so we decided to go home since joelis had a water fight appointment with kaiser. :) hehehe :D but when we got home, kaiser had to cancel coz he had an urgent meeting to attend to. so, i brought joelis to my office, then went to pusat bandar's imigeresen. since i did not bring joelis' birth cert, cannot proceed anyway.. :P so, we had lunch at pizza hut... and rushed home for the water fight.. but...

noon: reached home before 2pm... kaiser was not home. misunderstood joey's msg.. yeahh we have this often :D :P LOL.... the challenge marrying a foreigner.. language barrier :P anyway, when kaiser got home, i had to steal his time for awhile to buy the vacuum cleaner's bag. then.. kaiser had to rush for his 5pm mtg... my mom called to ask me to go to lisa's school to take the 'borang pertukaran sekolah request' ... maid arrived at 3pm. so, joey was home with the maid, while lisa and i went up and down 2 schools!

5pm: yey.... our sofa is back!!! lookin good... not great but good :) did not change the cover, just repaired the broken stuff by the rough tenant. :)

5.30pm: went swimming with joelis and wangsamas kids... we had fun... psstt psstt... we swam in the rain :P done with that... after prayer, all of us went to nz for dinner.. kaiser came back just in time for us to go for dinner... is it over for the day? :O nope...

8.30pm: went to my parents' house to get a few forms.. kaiser got a tshirt from my parents who just came back from vietnam.. and ohh.. lisa and i got materials from my mom.. and i bought 1 extra. joey got a pair of pants and tshirt... and a nodding horse :D hehehe :D

that's how i spent my break time :) still full huh....? :)

malaysian drivers' attitude

i just had this idea when i made a driver pissed off today :) and i was actually giggling while doing that - well, actually it was not done on purpose. he was just being reckless. anyways... here are my observation.. not generalizing but most of them are like this :)

proton & perodua owners: they tend to over modify their cars just to make them feel.. 'uuuhh... i have a performance car - and they are fast!' duhh.... and they will 'cucuk' you on the highway as though they are driving a Ferrari on F1 race.. normally they are owners of wira, waja and kancil... old putra... used to be.. gti.. but they are no longer around so much after neo is out.. perdana owners are another perasan crowd who thinks they are the gangsters... but lately their behaviour has been reduced.

honda owners: they are in their own group. also likes to show off, especially the old honda owners.. i.e. 90s models.. some newer civic owners too. just had one this morning... :)

i will not write on the usual ie giving signals and all coz they are too common. :P

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Mood

yes i am on a holiday mood.. planning for a beach trip for us and kids. 1 day trip would be sufficient, but knowing me... sometimes i just wanna lazying around which of course kaiser will not approve. especially if we are going to pd only... heh heh :D but as usual... me being the last minute person.. all are fully booked! :(

Monday, December 21, 2009

my blog's new look!

thanks to lisa who asked me last night about her friend's blog's template. and today... wallaaa... i gave my blog a new look. nope it wasn't that easy... i need to put up the widgets again, and i guess it is about time i put up new fresh photos. and hey... if you love my blog's new look, do let me know ;)

i have to go home now... will try to do more changes soon :)

quote of the day

H.H. the Dalai Lama:

When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

ouch...ouch.. and ouch..

it was my first time to the gym today.. i mean a paid-gym :P with more equipments and facilities :) kaiser has been talking about it.. so, the day came.. no matter how tired i was after the genting highlands trip, i pulled myself out of bed early to go to the gym. LOL :D got up earlier to prepare breakfast for joelis :) sausages and mushroom soup this time. set those on the dining table.. and off we went to the gym.

kaiser told me earlier that the gym is gonna be empty, and it was true.. well not really empty but less people.. there were only 2 women around.. not too many people la.. kaiser knows that i will be shy.. hee hee :D well anyway. my first impression... i love the changing room :) looked nice and clean... there's hairdryer somemore!! :P yak yak... jakun... :P and the equipments... of course more professional and many to choose from. i did my lower body and i just err... don't like it? :P but i had to do it? hmmm.. i prefer upper body to be honest :)

while doing the exercises, i observed some people who used the equipments. well, i am lucky to have a personal personal-trainer. it is really useful to have one coz then you will know what to do and how to do it right. some came to the gym and use the equipment once.. then moved to another different equipment, then to another... errr.. it doesn't work on your body that way.. you'll be tired and sweaty, yes, but it doesn't have affect on shapping your body as how you want it to :) so, ladies and gentlemen, do it right and you'll be satisfied :) how much does it cost to have a personal trainer? to me, it is really costly...i pay him differently har har har :D :P hehehe but to you... here're the charges... only RM80/session and he will advise you as how you want to shape your body. want a lower price? get a partner and charges will be RM100/session... so you can share the cost with your partner ;) sound attractive? there is a more attractive package.. contact me to know more... as long as you are in KL/Selangor, he can train you.

let's get back to me. :P what did i do yesterday... i told myself to remember the 'abductor' coz that is the area that i want to make it better... i hope i will improve.. and of course i need to control my food. have been neglecting that part... :P aarrghh... tough for me!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

hey... this is not the way to penang!

i just love the look of their happy and excited faces!! kaiser and i made a surprise trip to genting highlands today. and we told joelis that we are going to penang. lisa made a plan to meet up with her school friends today at 3pm, but i told her that we are all going away for a holiday. and when joelis asked where.. i told them it's gonna be a surprise.. and when they kept on pushing, kaiser said, 'penang' with his selamba face :) and the kids bought it!

woke up early, i mixed oats for joelis and i. kaiser had his usual shake. got ready by 745am... left the house 800am sharp! as promised! kaiser challenged us that if we said 800am it will not be 800am... but hey.. if there's a will there's a way.. cheywahh.. :) joey fell asleep again in the car on the way to 'penang'. drove calmly... but when we turned left at the genting highlands exit.. lisa got it!!

"joey... wake up... look!!! we are going to genting highlands!!" with her excited voice.... "huh?? wow...!! yey!! yey!!" he was getting excited too! "ma, does this means you have enough money already?" heheheh :D and i just smiled.. :) "yeah.. as promised.." "but ma, you said we are going in december?" and all of us said..."duuhh.... now IS december!" joey went... "owwhh.. ya'ahh.." and they started chattering and wowieng... :D parents' happiness is when they see their children's happiness :) especially when you can do things for them ;)

after buying the family package tickets, we went for our proper breakfast.. wallauwehh... RM50/- gone in a jiffy.. teh tarik RM5.80... kuey tiow goreng for RM9.50... roti canai RM3.00 duuuhh.... just like in US... LOL :P and in the afternoon when kaiser got his usual food for lunch.. ie white rice, vege & tofu... costs him RM15/-... hehehe :D he was shocked!

not that many games that joelis got to play. poor joey, he missed his flying dragon again - and same reason. due to the bad weather, they had to stop the roller coaster games. hmm what else? owhh.. first time we went into the outer space experince thingy... it really s&^%s... hehehe :D all i got was dizzy after that.. spinner was good i guess - just that joey closed his eyes all the way! what laaa.. kaiser enjoyed himself in the chocolate factory.. didnt really cover all games. but okay lah.. owhh... we played the army shooting thingy... and lisa scored the highest!! 76.2 i think.. i scored 46.2 and kaiser 27.2.. i think joey did 26.7... and as usual... kaiser starts to blehh blehh blehh coz he scored the lowest! hahah LOL... bumper car was the best!! err no...

next genting trip, we'll not buy the package. we should just aim for the games that we wanna play.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i am fine lah :P

i had this phone call from my dear friend today. her questions were really like big sister lah. nevertheless - just wanna update those who loves me.. heh heh heh :D perasan :P... i am fine... my kids are fine and my husband is a darling :) hahaah although he is so ego to show his affection in public. he is the type who shows his middle finger when he wants to say he loves me... hahah LOL... yeup.. that's my man :) but hey... i am okay with it... it doesnt hurt me.. well, to be honest i find it weird at first, but after living with him for the past errmm more than 6 months.. i kinda love his ways of expressing his feelings... har har har :D :P it is different... and i like being different and yes... we both are okay and he is taking care of me and joelis just fine :) so, no worries ok ;)

okay since i have been neglecting my blog, i will do the usual blabbering okay... :P hmmm let's see... right now, my lisa just sulked because i told her i am not coming to her room to hug her before she sleeps. hee hee... hello... it's me... if i don't hug or kiss both my joelis, i am the one who will have problem to sleep okay.. so.. chill la babe.. :P will come to your room soon okay.. after i am done blogging :P

just got back from PD last weekend. yeup just one night. kaiser had classes so, he did not join us. i went with joelis on saturday and came back to kl on sunday afternoon. was a good short break la... but of course not enough. it was quite tiring weekend actually - too packed with stuff to do. ohh... alhamdulillah i got someone to take care of the guesthouse. i had garage sale.. sold out most of the furniture. some i brought back to our little apartment. doing upholstery with the old sofa. nothing to do with it being old - just didn't want the old memories...heh heh :D duhh... so, i might go shopping with mommy dearest soon. bonus oh bonus... cepat la... err.. ada ke? :D :P oh... i had a wonderful time with kaiser.. we had a break without kids around. well actually when you are used with kids, when they are not with you, you become lost :) weird but true. anyway, that is the time that i used to talk with kaiser. good catching up :) kaiser sounded so excited telling me stories about his trip to Vegas. yeahh believe it or not, we were both too busy that we didn't have time to really talk about it. well anyway, i am so looking forward to another holiday.. this time with kids insyaAllah.

time with kaiser also meant that we both were at the guesthouse... cleaning up, mopping the floor, washing the bathroom etc... and it looked beautiful! dont believe? go and check the website :) repainted the whole guesthouse, it looked like new. ;)

what else huh?? hmmm... okay lah.. better sign off.. kaiser is busy watching spiderman. am gonna disturb him! :P

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a thought...

alfy.... why cant i stop thinking of you? i am still sad... its like i just cant believe that you are gone... :( not that i am so.... close to you before.. but perhaps, i enjoyed - really enjoyed the moment that we worked together. the quality moments... when you showed your passion towards your job.. i remembered the days when we had our meetings at starbucks... :) when it was so easy to talk to you about what i wanted and you made it happen through your designs... shuckkksss.. i miss you alfy.. i really do... i had plans for you... for our event next year... but i realized now, that His plan is even bigger... and I just have to accept that although it is tough on my part :( :(

i miss your naughty jokes on fb... your once in a while 'hello' sms...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

He will take you at His own time

a shocking news arrived on my mobile today. it was already late. around 6 something in the evening. i was driving... *sigh*.... 'innalilahi wa inna lilahi rajiun..' i remembered just talking to him on the phone. he was helping me to get some tshirts for my company's event. he has always been helpful. and him being creative in his designs... i enjoyed working with him. i was planning to include him in the company's event next year. at times, he was not that calculative.. a funny and fun guy... cheerful... always... neat and beautiful work of art. i am going to miss working with him. darn... i cannot stop thinking about this.. :( alfy... may you rest in peace.. al fatihah... i borrowed the pic below from well actually it was posted on alfy's fb page.. when i see that pic, i had tears in my eyes... it looked really beautiful ... white and pure... see how cheerful he was with his wife and son...