Thursday, November 12, 2009

a tribute to pn hjh zakiah

you will be missed...

last night at 9.47pm she left us all, after more than a year suffering from ovarian cancer. i was devastated. was this expected? errmmm... honestly - and sadly, i'd say yes :( i feel that she gave up too early. but then again, she is the one who is suffering - who are we to judge.

she's a wonderful woman (and i am having tears in my eyes while typing this). she is like a mother when we talk to her at the office. she has the patience - high level of patience when it comes about handling challenging staffs. i used to talk to her too about things - life - certain religion issues. she loves to smile... she's friendly - and she is so like mak mak.. i miss her dearly.

the last i visited her was 1st week of puasa this year. i remembered at that time, she was admitted because she has been vomiting. and her sayings that day, was something that i cannot forget. "Tak balik kerja lagi dah.... kut..." and i was taken aback with what i heard. i was very sad. :( :( every now and then, i would sms her and give her encouragement. but i guess Allah swt loves her more. I did not visit her after that, until she passed away last night. do i feel bad? yes, in a way... but i have my own reasons. i felt that i want to remember her while she can still talk to me - and give me that motherly smile. do i sound selfish? maybe - to some... we work together... of course i care... she has always been in my prayers.

Z, we pray that you'll be at peace... and we love you..

from left: allahyarhamah pn hjh zakiah, wids, and i