Sunday, November 29, 2009

meaningful weekend

i think... eh... i hope i have divided my weekend well among all my loved ones. :) my husband, my joelis, my parents and last but not least, my very ownself. (is that even a word?)

i had a great time - great lazy sunday... a productive one. at first i thought of smsing sam and shahrul just in case they have time to bring out their son(s) out for football - but, naahh... i dont want to disturb their weekend. hmmm what did i do? last friday spent the whole day (almost) at the kampong - as posted below :P

saturday... had the maid to clean up and did some ironing. what did i do huh? ohh ... sent joelis to my parents house so that they can play with their cousins. i went back home to finish designing a flyer with kaiser. when it was done, kaiser and i went to the shop to make copies of them....500 copies to be distributed on sunday. then... the best part of the day... we went to see cars... and harleys.. and do i need to say more? :O :P i present to you.... tadaaaa
today... err i got up late... ya ya... :P just today la.. not all the time. then took joelis out for breakfast while having my car washed :) after that, took joey for a hair cut while i washed my hair... went straight for music class - lisa chose her guitar - the one i had promised her. if she gets 5As..but.. gulp... the one that she wanted cost RM770/-... so i negotiated with her that i would buy for her when i get my bonus.. chey confident jer... :P hehehe :D the guesthouse will be empty at the moment so, need to keep some cash ;)

after that, we went home - ahhh i got the book that danish recommended - in fact already done reading it - and yes i will practise that, starting tomorrow. when we got home, kaiser was already home. as usual, he will be bored staying home.. i suggested that we play tennis, but he got his finger hurt - biten by a parrot the other day :P so, i asked joelis to go out and play at the playground for half an hour... then later we went out - we played badminton and basketball... well... tried to play basketball... i ended up laughing most of the time - looking at kaiser trying to get the ball and shoot!! LOL... and joey looked so cute. especially when he was blur when he got the ball. "what am i supposed to do?? tell me!!!" "throw the ball at your friend!!!" said his partner, kaiser lah tu :P and lisa... trying to maintain her poise... duhhhh :P hahhah :D overall... we really had fun... ended up very thirsty and hungry.... roti naan satu!!! hehehe

and dinner was simply lovely at my parents.... delicious sayur goreng jawa... soup was marvelous.. the lidah was so sedap... all were yummy... and my sister had to settled for prosperity burger lah? :P hehehe :D

ein is saying goodnight at 1209am.... ;)
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