Saturday, November 28, 2009

jus love being in the kampong

i was so looking forward to balik kampong. yeah believe it or not.. although i know kaiser wont be there with us, i am still gonna have fun. :) i just love gathering with my cousins at wak mos' house. you will not know who wak mos is, but nevermind. last time when i was a kid, we will go back to wak mos' house quite often because that was where my late grandma lived. yesterday, i just felt relaxed. there were lots of kids around. i dont even know the kids belonged to which cousins but i ... i just enjoyed myself.. we arrived just before 12 noon, joelis and i. i was hungry... joelis has sausage and bun in the car. i knew the food was gonna be fantabulous!! all my favorites... there goes my dream abs... and FC is gonna laugh at me... but do i care? no! uhhmm.. well, i still wanna have nice abs, but the food were yummy... i grabbed a plate, had the masak lodeh plus chicken masak merah!! oohh plus the nutty sauce... OMG.... it was really yummmyyyy... lisa joined me a few minutes later... told her the food were yummy... she did not believe me until she went to the kitchen and watched me eat!

and after that... we just sat there... lepakking.. err.. oh.. my cousin's wife brought rojak buah.. with the sauce made by my other cousin herself... oh yes, she actually made the kuah rojak for mydin store. anyway.. had some of that.. am so guilty of having all these junk food :P and i fell asleep .. can you believe that?? and i got up again... mingle2 with my other cousins.. went up and down the house... and lepak again at the porch... yik yakking... and the soup is ready! it was realllllllyyyy yummy... fresh meat okay! oh i forgot, my big bro-in-law sacrificed 1 cow. err that doesnt sound nice huh... 'qurban' sound nicer :P it was really hot in kampong.. i was sticky like crazy.. :P hehehe :D and i was suprised when i got home my face was tanned. most of the time i was in the house.. or at the porch.. how did i get tanned? :O hmmm

i am doing it again dont i? i am babbling... this is what happened when i have not been blogging for so long. know why?? coz of some dumbass who just do not appreciate having a good job and a good company to work for... some people who forgot that you are not always at the top... if Allah wants to show, it will just take seconds... stupid ass kisser!!!

anyways... i dont get my ass kissed that easily... or in malay, tak leh bodek lah... mangai!!

errr... this posting shouldnt be mixed with my fun time in kampong. i jus wanna say it again... best nya balik kampong!!!