Thursday, November 19, 2009

congrats my gurl! :)

i never knew that the moment to receive my daughter's upsr result could be a very suspense moment. i did not really think about it, maybe because i feel that lisa has done her best during the exam although she did looked quite relaxed... hmmm that made me quite nervous. nevertheless, we are proud of her results! yesss.... she got 5As for her UPSR... alhamdulillah..

kaiser and i arrived at her school around 10am. well actually joey and i was at the food court even before that - had our breakfast first. kaiser came later with his scooter as he needed to do some other things first. by 10am, joey and i walked in... and kaiser arrived just about 5 minutes later. i told him that the announcement will be made at 1030am... and being a german, kaiser will always be earlier. tu yang payah sket tuh.. - looking at the way malaysian punya janji... 1030 can be later :O

anyway, annoucement made.. i cried.. as usual :P emo.. hahaha :D hey.. i am happy lah... :P so.. here are the photos.. taken during the dinner celebration and also the school's excellence award day.

thank you to all the doa's from the loved ones... and credits to my parents and sisters who have given the guidance for lisa :)


sam said...

Well done Lisa!