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blame it on pms

by - November 06, 2009

i was about to update on my fb status today that i am in a very sensitive and emotional mode. can you believe this... i was crying on the way to work just by listening to 'i will survive' and later.. whats that song by taylor swift? aahhh... 'you belong with me'.. thx lisa :* :) and later at the ofc i found out - ahhh.. it is the time of the month... *eyes rolling* duuhh... that explains the mushyness... :P anyhow, certain still needs to be discussed... key goals, planning... executions etc... but how do i gather the guts to speak to the king? *gulp*...

the song: maybe i was crying because the song is something like me.. and maybe now i see my lisa is like me.. hmm.. we are both not that girly2... although lisa can still live with pink.. and she used to like pink :P and i just cant stand pink. maybe through that song i am feeling somewhat different or afraid that i am not what people want me to be. but then again... so what??!!

anyways... i am still not in the right mood to update abt my diving trip. simply because i have work in my head most of the time.

hmmm gotta go people.. time is 2pm and gotta get right back to work :)

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