Saturday, November 7, 2009

all across my mind

just when i am abt to start typing, my keyboard starts with that jumping here and thr. you might not understand wht i am writing but thats wht in my head. well anyway.. here goes what is in my head.
marriage is about communication, commitment and understanding. there is a lot of give and take. aahh and the most, commitment. if you dont want to be committed, why be married? there must be something wrong with that little brain of yours (if you have any) if you think that you can do whatever you want after being married. yeahh... knock knock.. think again... hello... if you think that it will always be rosy - you are not awake yet... wake up!!! be in a real world. communicate - and never assume... bloody hell... yeup... my son likes it when i said that. not really a nice thing to say.. but i like the sound of it... heh heh :D i just wish... i really wish... this is coming thru... talk to me... and rather - give me the guts...

cuci the musical: had this opportunity to watch the musical theatre last night. i had put low expectation after listening to CM's opinion abt the theatre. kaiser got excited with his new toy that he brings anywhere now.. busy taking pictures and video. well anyway, we love it... it was funny... fun... light.. and entertaining. really :) owhh... just one comment tho... the background dancers were too gayish... they could have done better. i forgot that the main was vanida imran.. i was really thinking who that actress was... hmmm.. i was so slow last night. towards the end i got quite tired and sleepy.. but since joelis were still having fun - altho joey did fell asleep a few times, we stayed on. we were quite surprised to see pak lah was there too with his wife. the guys were funny!! just love their combination :) and i knew 2 people already who dislike afdlin... errr... why arr?

weird sam: just wanna say that weird-sam is no more weird-sam. he is now sam-i-am., :) we had this opp to go off to an island for diving for a few days. he is taking his OW licence while the rest (4) of us were taking our Advance OW. and somehow, we find that sam is a cool guy. and guess what, he really reminds me of my youngest uncle who works at the bank. coincidently, sam works at the bank too - but diff bank lah. :P and he is also a victorian. we still remember the times, the early times that we knew weird-sam. he was weird. seated there - not talking to anyone but his own guy friends. and once a while looking at the ceiling in the club. a face with no expression - a smile that he doesnt have even when we smiled at him. empty look - yeup thats the espression that we got. the conclusion was - 'he is a weird guy' . but ladies and gentlemen, today, we are glad to say that weird-sam is gone... :) he is now known as sam-i-am. one cool dude.. and good blogger too!

'abang fadzil - happy birthday!' i always remember his birthday because its 7-eleven :)