Sunday, November 29, 2009

meaningful weekend

i think... eh... i hope i have divided my weekend well among all my loved ones. :) my husband, my joelis, my parents and last but not least, my very ownself. (is that even a word?)

i had a great time - great lazy sunday... a productive one. at first i thought of smsing sam and shahrul just in case they have time to bring out their son(s) out for football - but, naahh... i dont want to disturb their weekend. hmmm what did i do? last friday spent the whole day (almost) at the kampong - as posted below :P

saturday... had the maid to clean up and did some ironing. what did i do huh? ohh ... sent joelis to my parents house so that they can play with their cousins. i went back home to finish designing a flyer with kaiser. when it was done, kaiser and i went to the shop to make copies of them....500 copies to be distributed on sunday. then... the best part of the day... we went to see cars... and harleys.. and do i need to say more? :O :P i present to you.... tadaaaa
today... err i got up late... ya ya... :P just today la.. not all the time. then took joelis out for breakfast while having my car washed :) after that, took joey for a hair cut while i washed my hair... went straight for music class - lisa chose her guitar - the one i had promised her. if she gets 5As..but.. gulp... the one that she wanted cost RM770/-... so i negotiated with her that i would buy for her when i get my bonus.. chey confident jer... :P hehehe :D the guesthouse will be empty at the moment so, need to keep some cash ;)

after that, we went home - ahhh i got the book that danish recommended - in fact already done reading it - and yes i will practise that, starting tomorrow. when we got home, kaiser was already home. as usual, he will be bored staying home.. i suggested that we play tennis, but he got his finger hurt - biten by a parrot the other day :P so, i asked joelis to go out and play at the playground for half an hour... then later we went out - we played badminton and basketball... well... tried to play basketball... i ended up laughing most of the time - looking at kaiser trying to get the ball and shoot!! LOL... and joey looked so cute. especially when he was blur when he got the ball. "what am i supposed to do?? tell me!!!" "throw the ball at your friend!!!" said his partner, kaiser lah tu :P and lisa... trying to maintain her poise... duhhhh :P hahhah :D overall... we really had fun... ended up very thirsty and hungry.... roti naan satu!!! hehehe

and dinner was simply lovely at my parents.... delicious sayur goreng jawa... soup was marvelous.. the lidah was so sedap... all were yummy... and my sister had to settled for prosperity burger lah? :P hehehe :D

ein is saying goodnight at 1209am.... ;)
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

jus love being in the kampong

i was so looking forward to balik kampong. yeah believe it or not.. although i know kaiser wont be there with us, i am still gonna have fun. :) i just love gathering with my cousins at wak mos' house. you will not know who wak mos is, but nevermind. last time when i was a kid, we will go back to wak mos' house quite often because that was where my late grandma lived. yesterday, i just felt relaxed. there were lots of kids around. i dont even know the kids belonged to which cousins but i ... i just enjoyed myself.. we arrived just before 12 noon, joelis and i. i was hungry... joelis has sausage and bun in the car. i knew the food was gonna be fantabulous!! all my favorites... there goes my dream abs... and FC is gonna laugh at me... but do i care? no! uhhmm.. well, i still wanna have nice abs, but the food were yummy... i grabbed a plate, had the masak lodeh plus chicken masak merah!! oohh plus the nutty sauce... OMG.... it was really yummmyyyy... lisa joined me a few minutes later... told her the food were yummy... she did not believe me until she went to the kitchen and watched me eat!

and after that... we just sat there... lepakking.. err.. oh.. my cousin's wife brought rojak buah.. with the sauce made by my other cousin herself... oh yes, she actually made the kuah rojak for mydin store. anyway.. had some of that.. am so guilty of having all these junk food :P and i fell asleep .. can you believe that?? and i got up again... mingle2 with my other cousins.. went up and down the house... and lepak again at the porch... yik yakking... and the soup is ready! it was realllllllyyyy yummy... fresh meat okay! oh i forgot, my big bro-in-law sacrificed 1 cow. err that doesnt sound nice huh... 'qurban' sound nicer :P it was really hot in kampong.. i was sticky like crazy.. :P hehehe :D and i was suprised when i got home my face was tanned. most of the time i was in the house.. or at the porch.. how did i get tanned? :O hmmm

i am doing it again dont i? i am babbling... this is what happened when i have not been blogging for so long. know why?? coz of some dumbass who just do not appreciate having a good job and a good company to work for... some people who forgot that you are not always at the top... if Allah wants to show, it will just take seconds... stupid ass kisser!!!

anyways... i dont get my ass kissed that easily... or in malay, tak leh bodek lah... mangai!!

errr... this posting shouldnt be mixed with my fun time in kampong. i jus wanna say it again... best nya balik kampong!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

me aiming for nice abs! i must...

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

congrats my gurl! :)

i never knew that the moment to receive my daughter's upsr result could be a very suspense moment. i did not really think about it, maybe because i feel that lisa has done her best during the exam although she did looked quite relaxed... hmmm that made me quite nervous. nevertheless, we are proud of her results! yesss.... she got 5As for her UPSR... alhamdulillah..

kaiser and i arrived at her school around 10am. well actually joey and i was at the food court even before that - had our breakfast first. kaiser came later with his scooter as he needed to do some other things first. by 10am, joey and i walked in... and kaiser arrived just about 5 minutes later. i told him that the announcement will be made at 1030am... and being a german, kaiser will always be earlier. tu yang payah sket tuh.. - looking at the way malaysian punya janji... 1030 can be later :O

anyway, annoucement made.. i cried.. as usual :P emo.. hahaha :D hey.. i am happy lah... :P so.. here are the photos.. taken during the dinner celebration and also the school's excellence award day.

thank you to all the doa's from the loved ones... and credits to my parents and sisters who have given the guidance for lisa :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

happy birthday ayah!

12th november 2009: the day that my ayah turned 70. did i tell you yet that 7 is one of my fav number? :D geee :D :D we had a simple celebration at cosy place that night. the nice thing is that kaiser made it there... i just love the place... very cosy.. just like its name... food... hmmm okay lah... nothing to shout about, but the place was nice :)

Happy Birthday Ayah... may you be showered with lots of love around you... di pelihara usia.. di murahkan rezeki :)

And Renn...happy birthday to you too! :) and may all your wish come true, insyaAllah.

Monday, November 16, 2009


it is a big challenge when the 2 heroes are down with fever... flu.. and cough. right now both are asleep in their own beds. the small one is more cheerful than the big one.. he he he :D the big one is more crankier... hmmm ... men, when they are unwell, the whole household will shake like an earthquake.. :P but when the woman is unwell, do they really care? hmmmm...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

have you ever thought...

of having a tomboy as a maid? hhehe :D gosh i am still grinning.. :P i told kaiser this morning that the maid is coming at 8am this morning. we were still lazying in bed for the weekend. and just before 8am, i got up coz joelis were already getting ready for their saturday school. i went to the kitchen and see what i can prepare for breakfast.. and there was a knock at the main door.

i opened the door and for a moment, i was like... err what is this guy doing here.. and that was when she said, 'i am the maid from' and i went..'ohh right.. hang on..' and opened the door.. yeahh i was quite surprised too and was just wondering if she can do the house work. :) but guess what... she did great! the funny part was when lisa came out of the bathroom and was shocked... i was in the kitchen when lisa came up to me..'ma!! did you just got a guy maid?' hehehehe :D 'no lah... crazy ahhh... she's a tomboy - i guess.. ' well anyway that's about it lah... :)

does she look like the pic that i uploaded? naahhh... :P she wore a cap yes.. but with an oversized tshirt and baggy jeans.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

a tribute to pn hjh zakiah

you will be missed...

last night at 9.47pm she left us all, after more than a year suffering from ovarian cancer. i was devastated. was this expected? errmmm... honestly - and sadly, i'd say yes :( i feel that she gave up too early. but then again, she is the one who is suffering - who are we to judge.

she's a wonderful woman (and i am having tears in my eyes while typing this). she is like a mother when we talk to her at the office. she has the patience - high level of patience when it comes about handling challenging staffs. i used to talk to her too about things - life - certain religion issues. she loves to smile... she's friendly - and she is so like mak mak.. i miss her dearly.

the last i visited her was 1st week of puasa this year. i remembered at that time, she was admitted because she has been vomiting. and her sayings that day, was something that i cannot forget. "Tak balik kerja lagi dah.... kut..." and i was taken aback with what i heard. i was very sad. :( :( every now and then, i would sms her and give her encouragement. but i guess Allah swt loves her more. I did not visit her after that, until she passed away last night. do i feel bad? yes, in a way... but i have my own reasons. i felt that i want to remember her while she can still talk to me - and give me that motherly smile. do i sound selfish? maybe - to some... we work together... of course i care... she has always been in my prayers.

Z, we pray that you'll be at peace... and we love you..

from left: allahyarhamah pn hjh zakiah, wids, and i

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i like :) :)

am busy right now... but once a while, i just like to drop by my blog.. just to check out the numbers of visitors.. and i like what i saw today :D

my fav number.... 7!!! well actually i like 5 and 7... heheh :D

Monday, November 9, 2009

what have we become?

i came home earlier than expected today. dont ask me why - i am just disappointed. but nevermind that, i am cool - as my little bro said on his sms to me as i drove my car out of the office car park. as i drove home, i smsed my boss sharing with him of my disappointment. even as i am typing, disappointed was not really the word to suit the situation. i was quite errmmm how do i say it.. speechless with people's selfishness in making decisions without even thinking of other people's commitment and sacrifices. hmmm there you go. and i choose to just stop right here..

i got home. kaiser already cooked for joelis' dinner. his famous healthy fried rice :P sshhh... i actually stopped by my parents' house coz i miss them. but i guess my mom was not in the mood to have a chit chat... so i decided to leave.. sadly but i guess she wanted to be alone watching tv. when i got home, joey greeted me topless.. hehehe :D after maghrib prayer, we had dinner together. the fried rice was delicious - or was it because i missed my lunch? :P

finished cleaning the kitchen, i collected a new load of dirty laundry to be washed. delegated some task to lisa.. pick up the dry ones. i showered - then later went to lisa's room to start folding the clothes. lisa was playing her guitar before i walked into her room. and joey was busy playing his harry porter psp. and as soon as i sat down on the floor to start folding the clothes, lisa got down with me and we fold the clothes together. this is what i love about my kids. they are thoughtful :) they can still be kids and be difficult at times but they are thoughtful most of the time :) thank you darlings.. appreciate that.

this was when i had this conversation with lisa.

me: gurl, can i ask you a question.
lisa: hmmm? what kinda question?
me: just a normal question - i juz wanna know what would a kid answer.
lisa: hmmmm oookayyy...
me: assuming you are stranded somewhere..
lisa: like in a dessert or something - and who will i choose?
me: nahh.. not that kind of question. assuming you were with 20 other children, starving and with only 1 tank of water that you need to share the water with them. you have not had food for many days. think of you being with lots of other kids with multi-faith... hindu, christian, ..
lisa: yeahh ma.. i got it.. lots of different religion.
me: well yeah.. and then, come 1 person - a moslem wanting to give food. what do you think? who should that person feed?
lisa: *she gave me the look and immediately answered* maa... of course all of us! what do you think i'd say? only the moslem just because i am a moslem?
me: gurl... i am glad you said that... i am glad that you are not selfish.
lisa: what were you thinking?
me: nothing, i jus wanna know a child's answer. *and i smiled* and as i have thought... i am proud of you.

the point here is, i did came across people when i talked about helping children who are starving in africa etc.. and the response was, 'aahh how would you know if they are helping the moslems?' i was shocked with this question!!! and my response was, 'look... i care about these children - doesnt matter what religion they are in - they are children - and starving. they need all help they could get' Islam definitely do not teach us to choose like that to help others!!

however, these are not the only response that i get .. there are people out there who do not trust the people who collects the zakat. it is the same thinking. IMHO, as far as i am concerned, when i pass over the fund - it is expected that the fund is to be channeled to the appropriate receipients. otherwise, they are answerable to Allah swt... coz He sees what we do anywhere :) i have done my part.

pheww... this is the longest posting... :) good nite everyone..

ein is signing off now at 1132pm

Sunday, November 8, 2009

end of the week.. already?

so fast... i am so sleepy.. but my fingers are so itchy to update my blog. just got back from central market to watch the final juara lagu for the old songs.. not bad la.. well actually that was 45 minutes ago.

the day was quite full today. from football early morning, which i almost forgot.. :P then, joelis went to the pool. i just sat there on the bench for abt 20 minutes to get myself tanned.. ahah.. more tan... then, we headed home.. had a quick simple lunch. music class.. then went for a belated deepavali open house near batu caves.. err..

can i sleep now? cont some other time ok...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

all across my mind

just when i am abt to start typing, my keyboard starts with that jumping here and thr. you might not understand wht i am writing but thats wht in my head. well anyway.. here goes what is in my head.
marriage is about communication, commitment and understanding. there is a lot of give and take. aahh and the most, commitment. if you dont want to be committed, why be married? there must be something wrong with that little brain of yours (if you have any) if you think that you can do whatever you want after being married. yeahh... knock knock.. think again... hello... if you think that it will always be rosy - you are not awake yet... wake up!!! be in a real world. communicate - and never assume... bloody hell... yeup... my son likes it when i said that. not really a nice thing to say.. but i like the sound of it... heh heh :D i just wish... i really wish... this is coming thru... talk to me... and rather - give me the guts...

cuci the musical: had this opportunity to watch the musical theatre last night. i had put low expectation after listening to CM's opinion abt the theatre. kaiser got excited with his new toy that he brings anywhere now.. busy taking pictures and video. well anyway, we love it... it was funny... fun... light.. and entertaining. really :) owhh... just one comment tho... the background dancers were too gayish... they could have done better. i forgot that the main was vanida imran.. i was really thinking who that actress was... hmmm.. i was so slow last night. towards the end i got quite tired and sleepy.. but since joelis were still having fun - altho joey did fell asleep a few times, we stayed on. we were quite surprised to see pak lah was there too with his wife. the guys were funny!! just love their combination :) and i knew 2 people already who dislike afdlin... errr... why arr?

weird sam: just wanna say that weird-sam is no more weird-sam. he is now sam-i-am., :) we had this opp to go off to an island for diving for a few days. he is taking his OW licence while the rest (4) of us were taking our Advance OW. and somehow, we find that sam is a cool guy. and guess what, he really reminds me of my youngest uncle who works at the bank. coincidently, sam works at the bank too - but diff bank lah. :P and he is also a victorian. we still remember the times, the early times that we knew weird-sam. he was weird. seated there - not talking to anyone but his own guy friends. and once a while looking at the ceiling in the club. a face with no expression - a smile that he doesnt have even when we smiled at him. empty look - yeup thats the espression that we got. the conclusion was - 'he is a weird guy' . but ladies and gentlemen, today, we are glad to say that weird-sam is gone... :) he is now known as sam-i-am. one cool dude.. and good blogger too!

'abang fadzil - happy birthday!' i always remember his birthday because its 7-eleven :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

blame it on pms

i was about to update on my fb status today that i am in a very sensitive and emotional mode. can you believe this... i was crying on the way to work just by listening to 'i will survive' and later.. whats that song by taylor swift? aahhh... 'you belong with me'.. thx lisa :* :) and later at the ofc i found out - ahhh.. it is the time of the month... *eyes rolling* duuhh... that explains the mushyness... :P anyhow, certain still needs to be discussed... key goals, planning... executions etc... but how do i gather the guts to speak to the king? *gulp*...

the song: maybe i was crying because the song is something like me.. and maybe now i see my lisa is like me.. hmm.. we are both not that girly2... although lisa can still live with pink.. and she used to like pink :P and i just cant stand pink. maybe through that song i am feeling somewhat different or afraid that i am not what people want me to be. but then again... so what??!!

anyways... i am still not in the right mood to update abt my diving trip. simply because i have work in my head most of the time.

hmmm gotta go people.. time is 2pm and gotta get right back to work :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

tell me how?

i have exactly 17 minutes to write my blog. how do i carry my own weather when emotionally i am down? i can do this. i have done this before. actually i can... i know i can. shuushhh.... shutss ein. hmm talking to myself again. somehow what i am going through now is very personal. some people's opinion might be, i should now put it on my blog. but my blog is THE place for me to unwind... err is that the right word? i need to let out my frustration.

my laptop is driving me crazy... the cursor is jumping around and it is wasting my time while typing. the IT guys have not been able to help me solve my problem - err.. more of the laptop's prob, not mine :P

i have been having this dilemma for the past few days and i am not liking what i am feeling. i have been trying to act on my own - to just give me the space to think. but i dont feel any better. somehow, it has affect my surrounding too. :( darnnn...

frustrating situation: have you been in this situation - mostly wives/moms. since i have not been really like a normal mom :P i rarely feel it. this may sound like normal for some moms/wives out there.. well whatever it is, you ladies... i feel you... that was the frustration is all about - last night. and for the record, i do not appreciate arguments/scoldings at dinner/lunch/breakfast table. and it affected me till late. could not sleep. tried to watch dvd but no nice movies. anyways, i slept at almost 1am last night. and this morning i had my eyes like the gold fish! :P

aahhh... just so lazy to write more now la.. maybe when i am in a better mood, i will write about my recent dive trip... yeup... :) very recent.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pic explains it all

when i thought i will have so much to say... suddenly it went silent. only tears running down my cheek as i talk to Him. Him who understands everyone in His universe. Him who created the universe for us to learn to grow - to appreciate what He prepares for us to explore. i miss talking to Him - and as i am typing this, the tears visited me again.